Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bridal Veils

Some of you will have the debate in your wedding planning on if you are going to wear a veil or not. For me this was never a question I was going to wear a veil with a blusher its something that just meant wedding to me, and my look would not be complete without it. In my search for the right one I got overwhelmed with the choices. So I found a great resource that has most types listed and a good explanation of them.

Blusher Veil: or a two tier veil
This is the short veil worn over the bride’s face. It usually falls just below the collarbone and above the bust. The blusher veil tends to measure between 24 to 26 inches from the top of the headpiece to the hem of the veil. When measuring for the veil the hairstyle of the bride should be taken into consideration. The blusher veil was designed to demonstrate a bride’s innocence and modesty, so it continues to be a popular choice for most first-time brides. However, even second and third-time brides choose to wear a blusher veil. Because it hides the face, it adds to the drama of the ceremony. Traditionally it was held that the groom would lift the blusher veil to kiss the bride at the end of the ceremony. However, today many fathers choose to lift the blusher veil to kiss their daughters prior to “giving them away” to be married at the altar.
Fly-Away Veil
The fly-away veil is multi-layered, and it just brushes the shoulders. It is a less formal bridal veil that should be worn with a less formal gown. However, it can be paired with a formal gown that has a lot of detailing down the back.
Birdcage Veil
More common for older brides, the birdcage veil extends to just over the chin. It tends to be made of Russian veiling (a wide-open weave of netting). This type of veil tends to go very well with cocktail dresses or dinner suits often worn at civil ceremonies.
Elbow-Length Veil
Just as it sounds, this veil extends down to the elbow. It can be single or multi-layered. With the multi-layers they are cut to the same length or 1 to 2 inches apart with two to three layers.
Fingertip Veil
The fingertip veil is the most commonly worn style, because it is the most flattering to any bride and gown. The veil extends to the bride’s fingertips and can be worn through the ceremony and reception with ease.

Ballet Length Veil
The ballet length veil extends down to the ankles, but never touches the ground. It is flattering for women wearing a sheath gown or a gown without a train.
Chapel Length Veil
The chapel length veil is best worn with a gown that has a chapel length train. This veil extends 6 to 12 inches beyond the train of the gown. Since this veil make it difficult to move around easily, it is best removed before the reception.

Semi-Cathedral Veil
Best worn with veils that have a cathedral length train, this veil extends about 6 to 12 inches beyond the end of the train of the gown. Since this veil extends beyond the gown, the veil is best detached before the reception.
Cathedral Veil
Again, this veil is best worn with the train that shares its name, and it should also extend 6 to 12 inches beyond the end of the train of the gown. Also, this veil should be removed before the reception.

and another that is popular now is the Mantilla veil. Here is a link to the history that I found.

Mantilla Veil

The mantilla is most often associated with Spain, where it was originally made popular by Queen Isabel II in the mid-1800s. After Isabel's reign, mantillas became less popular, except in Andalusia where women wore them during Holy Week, meetings with the Pope, and other religious events. This, perhaps, influenced use of the mantilla veil in Catholic and other weddings today.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picking a date.

First off did you know that next to Valentines day, the most popular holiday to get engaged is Christmas? Third is New years Eve. So here on the end of Christmas and the start of the New Year I thought I would talk about picking a date. So your dear, sweet wonderful, boyfriend, is now your fiance. Congratulations. But what is next. The biggest question you will hear when showing off that beautiful ring is when is the wedding? So before you jump the gun and start telling everyone a date lets consider somethings.

1. Where is your wedding going to be? Is it inside, outside, in the North or the South? you don't want to pick a date in June in Texas with a mid-afternoon outdoor wedding. Its just traditionally too hot. No one wants their guest to remember their wedding for the heat stroke they got.

2. Make sure your venue is available. If getting married at a certain place is high on your list make sure its not booked already.

3. Make sure the most important people can be there on your big day. If your parents have another commitment that they can not change you will want to see about changing your plans before you tell everyone your plans.

4. Consider holidays. This can be to your advantage or disadvantage so think about it first. A holiday weekend wedding may allow more of your guest the freedom to come, but at the same time prices might be higher for hotels and availability for your vendors might be more of a challenge. I recommend if you want a holiday wedding give yourself at least eighteen to twenty four months to plan the wedding.

5. Consider big events in town. For Austin where I do most my weddings, you have to deal with South by Southwest music and film festivals, ACL music fest, as well as many others. Check this out before setting a date.

In taking a few minutes to really plan your wedding date and not just pick the first thing that comes to you. It will make the rest of your planning so much easier and stress free.

Happy Planning.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Emily and Jordan 12/20/08

Saturday Emily and Jordan had an elegant Victorian winter wedding. We had a great time working with this couple and am honored that they let us be a part of their day.
Here are some of the details:
Church- St. Davids Episcopal this was such a beautiful church and the coordinator, Roxanne, was wonderful. She worked so hard and we were right on time.
Reception-Caswell House this was a great venue. beautiful home. It was decorated all up for Christmas and was beautiful. The caretaker also stepped in as the bartender and did a fabulous job.
Flowers- Eden's Echo- Wow she did a wonderful job at capturing an elegant Christmas wedding without it being cheesy. I look forward to working with her again in a few months.
Photographer-Lisa Woods now and then photography-I finally had the opportunity to work with the fabulous Lisa Woods. I have heard so much about her and finally had the chance to work with her. I can't wait to see the photo's. I see why people are so relaxed around her.
DJ-Byrne Rock- once again he kept the floor packed and the music rocked. He is so much fun to work with. I look forward to a next wedding.
Caterer-Johnny Carrino's- Fabulous. The food was great and the service was amazing. They went above and beyond and were prepared for anything.
Cakes- The Cake Pan. I liked these cakes a lot. The brides cake was Italian cream and so yummy. The grooms cake was a light moist chocolate with raspberry filling and it looked like a runway. They sculpted an airplane for the top of it. It looked great even had lights on the runway.

Photos by Lisa Woods click here for more photos on Lisa's Blog

Friday, December 19, 2008

Exciting times

I have been busy with this move and ignoring my blog and so sorry for that. I wanted to let you know the fun and exiting things going on with the company.

Last week I spent a morning filming spots for expertvideo.com it was a lot of fun. I filmed thirty one to three minute spots on various wedding topics. I will let you all know when they are posted.

They called me back and wanted me to do some Christmas stuff but with the more I just did not have a chance.

I also got a call from the producers of Bridzilla's looking for dificult brides. I was glad to be called. I don't have any difficult brides and I like to think that none of my brides would ever be on that show.

My husband is waiting for me to have my own wedding planning show. I told him he was dreaming but he likes to think big.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hit and Miss

I wanted to apologize to all for being so hit or miss on the blog and emails this last week. Also I wanted to say it may be this way through the weekend. We are planning on getting in to our new place by the end of this weekend. I wanted to be moved and settled by the time of our next wedding next weekend so I can concentrate on it.
Also we wanted to be in place by Christmas and have our first Christmas in the new house.
I am so excited that I have found so much of my wedding items that I forgot I had. I really can't want for everyone to be able to use them.
I am in the process of returning calls and such. Be patient with me and know that after this my life will be back to normal.
Oh and I spent all morning yesterday morning filming how to videos as a wedding expert for expertvillage.com I am thrilled to be asked to do this and I think it went really well. We shot over 30 segments. It will be awhile before they are edited and up online. I was thrilled to work with the local film group Make Productions. They were so easy to work with.
Well have a great week and I will try to be back to wedding blogging very soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wedding Workout.

I know that shortly after the thrill and excitement of the proposal wore off I had more than just wedding planning on my mind. My weight. I was overweight and knew that I was never going to be a size 2 bride, but I wanted to look my best on my wedding day. I crash dieted and got on the exercise bike nightly. I have bad knees and other workouts were not going to work for me. Well I dropped the weight to a place I was happy with on the big day, but felt like dirt. The crash diets and excessive exercise really got to my body and I was tired and worn out. I can say that most of that weight was added back on within six months of my wedding and that was depressing.

So what is a girl to do? Start as early as possible so you have time. Weight loss works best when its done slow and over time. Weight loss also needs to be a change in the way of life not just a diet. If you can consult with your doctor, or a nutritionist for the best changes in your life. In my life portion control was best. Eat what I like but less of it. I also limited foods that were fried and high in fat (the holidays are an exception but again only in moderation).

No diet change will be enough. Our bodies were made to move. We need exercise. Even if not tyring to loose weight its good for us. Well you need to create a simple workout that you can keep up with and enjoy. You can always step it up later but start simple.

I have found that what works for me is water aerobics. You don't realize how much you are doing or burning because you are not sweating. The water keeps you cool. At the same time you build muscle and burn fat. It is lean muscle and you don't bulk up. I have been attending a class now for three months and can say I honestly have seen some great results. For example I weigh myself on Monday's only. So this Monday I hit the scale looking for the damage after thanksgiving. I was down three pounds. I did make sure I have three workouts in before the meal but didn't do anything Thursday-Sunday and expected the worst.

I move better now and have great energy and am enjoying life so much more. My knees don't hurt so bad when I run with the kids and am thinking of trying some other non-water workouts but will only step it up a little.

That said good luck make smart choices and remember your fiance asked you to marry him not expecting you to shrink before the wedding. He loves you even with the curves.

What diets work for you? What workouts do you enjoy?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My family will be moving this month into a new house. I am a little overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have in this house. We are lucky and can make it a slow move, but still we will get to the point that it has to be done. One thing that will be coming is a photo inventory of decoration items that I have for you my brides to use at no additional cost. With the move I am getting it all in one place instead of in various corners of the house. I have found bags of things I have picked up at craft sales that I forgot I had, so I can pass that on to you. Thanks to several of my generous past brides my collection is growing with each passing wedding. So be watching for the items soon. Just to let you know a few things I have

I have 12 brown and white large gingham checked table runners (as seen in photo)

I have 17 small square vases (3x3 inch I think)

I have many other clear glass vases in various shapes and sizes

I have 6 tall tin buckets (used for floral centerpieces) (as seen in photo)

I have small, medium, and large mason jars used for candles. (as seen in photo)

I have a silver/pewter serving tray (oval platter style)

I have a large cut crystal punch bowl (I have a few cups for this but not many might be enough for a small shower)

I still have to inventory overlays and table cloths and ribbons and thanks.

Michaels Crafts Deals

Michaels ad is also concentrating on Christmas deals but I wanted to give you the link to see what they are offering as well. Check it out here

Hobby Lobby deals

I would have to say its a weak sale week for Hobby Lobby as far as Bridal uses go. That does not mean there is not some good deals there. They have a lot of Christmas deals. To see full add click here.

Some items you might be interested in are as follows:

1.99 a yard for organza fabrics. Great for arches, overlays, runners, sashes, etc.

50% off Jewelery Making supplies. If you are planning on making any jewelery for yourself or wedding party.

50% off ribbon by the roll

50% off floral stems, dried naturals, swags, flowering and green bushes.

50% off scapbooking. Good time to get pages for table numbers and such.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Traditions again

I am a huge fan of family traditions. This weekend we participated in yet another one. Every November we take family photo's to see how we have all changed from year to year. Now that we have kids I love to see how they grow. We use these photos for our Christmas cards. Yesterday we went out to the river and park and we dressed up in our best clothes. We took some posed shots and then we just went and took photo's of us being us. I am working on getting them up all on Flickr and will post that link soon. Until here are a few fun ones. I still have not decided on the family shot for the card. I guess I need to do that today. Here is all the photos

Friday, November 28, 2008

Picking your wedding style

We have all been sucked into the reality shows and seen every type of wedding we could imagine. A few years back things were not so. My mom was one of five kids and four of the weddings were the same cakes looked the same and punch bowl (I know it was the same I have it now, it was a gift from my grandmother). The white dresses and up do's were all very similar in the photos. Well now that is not the case. Every wedding has a different feel from the next. How do you pick your style.

Its not hard, first when you dreamed about your wedding what was that dream. Now is that dream reasonable and does it still fit you?

How much do you have to spend? A formal elaborate wedding may not be for you because its just not in the budget. This does not mean you have to have a white trash wedding, but realize you might not be able to get four foot center pieces for all the tables.

Are there certain colors that are special to you both, or that just make you happy?

Is there something that you just want to capture a feel or era in time (Victorian, country, Renaissance)

Is it a theme or style that you can accomplish? (A beach themed wedding might not be appropriate in winter in Maine).

At the same time a theme or style is nice as a guideline but it can go to far. Make sure you limit yourself so that you still have a wedding and not a hoedown. Colors are a great was to tie things together, but some colors can be a bit much in large amounts and should only be accent colors. I say this as I am thinking of a wedding I went to awhile back and I left there with a craving for pepto bismal. Yep every bit of the room was pepto pink.
Always ask the professionals for help. Your wedding planner and coordinator should have an eye for these things and be able to help. If not check with the rental place and your cake decorator they might have some ways to get color in and not over do it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

While I have a feeling I will get online tomorrow my goal is to not work too much. So I wanted to take a few moments and wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Take some time to tell those in your life that you are thankful for them. List the things you are thankful for and just enjoy the day of rest and food and any traditions you have with your family.

I am thankful for my wonderful supportive husband
I am thankful for my sweet and healthy children
I am thankful for all my wonderful friends
I am thankful for family and friends that have decided to invest their time and energy into my business.
I am thankful for all my couples for letting me be a part of their special day.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cool Oppurtunity

I can't go into too many details yet, but I have been asked to help with some instructional wedding videos. How to's on various aspects of planning and putting together weddings. It should be fun and its an honor to be asked. There are still details to work out. So I can't say its a done deal yet.

I will let you know how it all works out.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Save the Dates Why and When to send them

Save The Date Cards:

I got married over six years ago, and at that time I had not even heard of save the date cards. They have come a long way. Now you have to decide are they for you? I have some answers here.
Are Save the Date Cards Necessary?
While they are not necessary in all situations, they are a wonderful way to generate excitement and, most importantly, allow your loved ones plenty of time to make arrangements to share in your special day. Especially important for friends and family who will be traveling to your wedding location, Save the Dates encourage travelers to take advantage of travel deals, book flights, and make any other necessary plans sooner than later.
If your wedding date falls on or around any holidays, or if it's taking place at a popular vacation or destination spot, you should consider sending out your Save the Dates at least five months in advance. In these situations, your guests will likely be thinking of your event as a vacation and will appreciate having the time and information to plan accordingly.
When should Save the Dates be sent?
Think of your Save the Date cards as a preliminary invitation to your wedding. They should be sent at least four months before the wedding date. Five months is still acceptable.
If you are asking guests to travel a great distance, take time off work, or travel during peak seasons, the sooner you can let them know the better! In these circumstances, it's not uncommon to send Save the Date announcements as much as twelve months in advance.
Do I need to send a Save the Date to all my guests?
No, you are not required to send a Save the Date to everyone on your guest list. Many brides cut costs here by sending Save the Dates only to those guests who will be traveling or who will likely need to make arrangements far in advance. Of course the benefit of sending a Save the Date card to every person you are hoping will attend is that you are increasing the likelihood that they will reserve that date and will, in fact, be able to attend your special day. If, for whatever reason, you do choose to send Save the Dates only to a select number of guests, there is just one rule to follow. Make sure they are sent to all people who have any reason to interact with each other. Imagine how hurt your cousin Suszie would be if she visited your aunt Margaret and saw your beautiful Save the Date hanging on her refrigerator, only to realize she had not been sent one and have no idea why.

It should be noted that a Save the Date is just that. It's doesn't do double duty as an engagement announcement to everyone you know...and therefore should only be sent to those people you will absolutely be inviting to the wedding itself. Do not send a Save the Date to anyone who will not be receiving a wedding invitation.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


No mater if you want a casual country bar-b-que weddings, or and elegant crystals and roses wedding one thing is for sure. You need to cover your tables. But putting table cloths on your tables it helps tie all your hard work together and give the event that clean, put together look.

There is an online source for linens that I like. They are reasonable. They have lots to choose from and are very high quality. I have purchased several tings from them and am very happy with the quality, service, and price. Now I was not buying to cover 12-20 tables so I know that buying in that amount would add up.They do also do rentals. I have not worked with their rentals but the process is very easy and I assume you get the same service. If they have chair sashes or table runners you are looking for you might be able to get a pretty good deal right now. If you like something you might be interested in a bridal share to help defer the cost. Let me know and I can try help you locate someone to share with.

http://linentablecloth.com/ They are offering free shipping on purchases over $50.00

http://www.linentablecloth.com/ Right now they are offering free shipping on orders over $50.00.

They ship fast and the quality is solid. Larger cloths have no seams on them which is really nice.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Photo Book

This was on Opera last night. Key is you only have through tonight to use it. You pay for shipping. I have not done it yet to see what shipping is.

and click on "Get your Free Book".

Alternate to a guest book...

Gift for mother....

Just for you....

What a deal.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hobby Lobby Bridal Event

I went by there yesterday and its official. All wedding stuff is on sale for 50% off. The only exception is custom made decorations and rentals. This is including print your own invitations, veils, headpieces, guest books, pens, ring pillows, flower girl baskets, card boxes, favor boxes, ribbon by the roll, precut tulle and tulle bags. It is all there. I will tell you this bridal sale does not usually come up as often as the sale on frames and candles and such. If you need anything like the above please go this week and get yourself the discount. I picked up a wedding arch while I was there. Its one of the lightweight ones, but they look great once covered in tulle and lights and flowers for the right events. If you are wanting an arch let me know. I won't be charging my clients for the use of it. Just like I don't charge for any of the decoration items I have. They are always yours to use. So go have a great time shopping. If you are out of town and no hobby lobby near you but need something email me and I can see if I can work something out to pick things up for you and hold them until we see each other again. Remember this is ONLY UNTIL SATURDAY four shopping days left.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It is official. We have a new look

The website is officially updated. Stress Free Events has a new look. I am so excited. I had the pleasure of working with the guys and SparkNet Creative. I can't tell you how easy they were to work with and Aaron really got what I wanted to do and made it better then I expected. If you have the need for a website or website re-design I recommend them. Take a look.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter Wedding Specials

November/December and January/February are usually a little slow in the world of weddings. I usually take that time to meet new vendors and get a head start on planning future weddings. Well this year on top of that I would like to actually work some weddings :-)

So I am offering some specials. Please pass this on to anyone you know getting married this winter.

If the weddings take place this month or the next three months they can get in on these discounts.

20% off day of coordination package (referral discount)

One free planning session (brainstorming question/answer pick my brain for one hour)

One free vendor referral (will help you find one of your final vendors. Will give you three referrals for people in your budget and available).

Use of any decoration items I have in stock.

One free delivery or rental return.

For those getting married later in the year I want to offer the following for early booking

20% off day of coordination package (referral discount)

One Free vendor referral as defined above

Use of decoration items I have in stock.

Happy Planning


Email is back

Yeah I now have my email back. I am so happy.

Email issues

I am still not receiving emails. Please use the yahoo email from the post below for a little longer. I am hoping once the office opens for my new host I can get a hold of someone to fix the email issue.

The new website was posted over the weekend. They have not got the photo gallery up and going yet. I will see how much longer that will take. I am excited about the new look.

Michaels Crafts Deals

Here is a link to their ad. http://michaels.shoplocal.com/michaels/default.aspx?action=entry&pretailerid=-99855&siteid=237&storeid=2414800

They have floral deals as well.
They have a custom framing special of 40% off

Hobby Lobby deals

Here is the link to the full ad http://www.hobbylobby.com/weekly/weekly.cfm?menu=1&page=1

Items to note:
Bridal Event: Bridal items in floral department are 50% off. Check the signs in store to make sure what you are needing is covered. This is a great time to pick up those items that are wedding and not just floral. I will try and make a run by there today or tomorrow and check but this should include flower girl baskets and ring pillows in the bridal section.
Floral: Stems, garlands, wreaths, swags, and arrangements as well as dried floral is 50% off.
Framing: 50% off most frames. Great time to pick up frames for photo tables.
Fabrics: 30% off various fabrics. Muslin included.
Christmas Floral: 50% off
Ribbon by the roll: 50% off

Don't forget you can go print off a 40% off one regularly priced item at their website.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Switch and Emails

Hey all we are in the process of movin g over the host for the website. It should be a smooth transition but it looks like email might be effected a little bit. If you have sent me anything in the last 24 hours with no response forgive me. You can reach me at my old email (pre-wedding buisness) turtle042474@yahoo.com the other email should be working in a day or two, I hope. The new website I hope won't be mush longer. I need to check in with the designer to see what is up with it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hobby Lobby for Nov. 3rd

Here is the link to the full add.

Some items to note
Candles and Holders are 50% off
Photo Frames are 50% off
Jewelery making 50% off
Happy Crafting
And a link to the 40% off one regularly priced item is here http://www.hobbylobby.com/weekly/weekly.cfm?page=2

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the Winner Is...

I think unless you live under a rock you have heard the news that our new president elect is Barack Obama. If you are a supporter of his or not we are a part of history today. I know that things in our country need to change and I think both candidates were aware of this and willing to try. I look forward to see what Obama will do with the next four years. Here is to growth and prosperity in our future.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trunk or Treat

This year at our church we hosted our fourth trunk or treat. It is a family event held on or near Halloween. The members of the church decorate the trunks of their cars and the kids go around and trick or treat there. its a free event. We also had free hot dogs, popcorn, cookies, and cotton candy. I was on the two person planning team. There were a few moments of panic but just because we wanted it to be right and fun. It was a challenge getting volunteers all organized, but it was well worth it. We had a great time. I look forward to working it again next year. Oh our theme this year was Fairy tales, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes (although we basically covered all childrens stories).

Professional Photos from Ben and Eliza's wedding

Vanessa is quick she has already posted some photo's on her blog. Check them out here. I have a few for you to look at.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I wanted to go online and publicly say that I am not the red headed wedding coordinator that was doing keg stands at a destination wedding recently. I have had a couple of people ask if it was me. I guess this coordinator has short red hair and wears black framed glasses. I don't know who it was that did this but I assure my brides it was not me, or my assistants. None of us drink. I do not know who this person is, and I hope that she chooses better behavior at her next events, but you will be able to expect only professional behavior from us. It is your day, not mine. It is not about me having a blast at your expense. I want your guest and you to have the best day ever. I am sorry to hear anyone acted like this and hope that she has learned her lesson and that none of her brides in the future have anything to worry about.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ben and Eliza November 1 2008

This was such a cute and fun wedding. I can't wait to get photo's from Vanessa to share but I will be able to share some of the set up photo's. Eliza was beautiful and Ben was dashing. I wish them both a happy future and glad to be a part of your big day.
Some of the cast and charicters that made the day happen:
Ceremony-Chapel and St. Stephens School
Reception - Mercury Hall this is such a great place and one of my favorite places to work
Jared was a huge help at the end of the night.
Flowers - West Bank Flower Market (let me just say they get props for making some things
happen that amazed me)
Photographer - Photography by Vanessa
Caterers - Salt Lick and Robert Mayberry (he did appitizers and bar).
Music- Redd Volkert they were great. Easy to work with
Transportation - Durham School Bus trasnportation. Billie was our driver and she was great.
She stayed in contact with me letting me know where she was at all times.
Forgive me if I have forgotten anything or anyone. Here are some pictures until I get photo's back from Vanessa

Oh and the couple had their wedding announced 11/2/08 in the New York Times here is a link

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Have a safe and happy halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work does come out at home..

I was going through my four year old daughters backpack tonight to look at her art. I save some and some gets recycled (sorry there is just three and four pages a day I can't keep everything). Well they did an art projoct on a light blue peice of paper. She had white paint on one side then folded it in half. Now it looks like one of those ink blot test. So the teacher asks what it is and she tells her its a wedding dress. Yep I can see it. Well kind of. I don't imagine every child would see a wedding dress in the white paint, but my poor child gets to see and hear wedding stuff all day long since I work from home. Well I am saving it. I think its great. I am worried what will happen when she does get married in years from now. She will have been hearing weddings all her life she will either want a grand affair or run away and elope to avoid all her mother does. I love her which ever she wants.

Aileen and Emit 10/11/08 Photo's

The wonderful and talented Jennifer Nichols has given us some highlights from this wedding on her blog.

I will share some here but you can check her blog out as well here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Traditions and Stress

"Its the most wonderful time of the year..." The words of a popular holiday song. Well there are times that I am not so sure about the holiday's being the most wonderful time of the year. I was reminded of all the great family traditions when we participated in our first tradition of the fall/winter season this weekend.

We went to the pumpkin patch with the kids and picked out our pumpkins. In the past I have taken pictures there with them but forgot this year. They had a great time. It's not a fancy patch its one run as a fundraiser for a church in Buda.

Now once that is over we are on a fast track to the holidays. Every year I do everything I can to make sure everyone knows what is going on and no ones feelings get hurt. Now that you are engaged or recently married you are going to have to face this as well.

Please don't get me wrong family is great, but its better to manage every ones expectations before all the stress sets in. My family and my IL's are all in the area so they all think we should get around to see all of them for the holidays. I think we have it all worked out now and it does not bring me stress any longer, but I remember the first couple of years of marriage it was a great source of stress.

With all that said I also thank its important to create your own family traditions. We have quite a few. One is the pumpkin patch every year with the kids. Another is going to look at the flowers in the spring in the hill country. We have traditions on when we decorate or house for Christmas and what goes where and who does what. That is the time that everyone gets a new ornament to add to the tree. Take some time now before its all on top of you and make sure everyone knows that you have plans for the holidays and what they are. I wish I could avoid two thanksgiving day meals but so for that has not happened.

(This photo was taken the first year we took the kids to the pumpkin patch)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hobby Lobby adds

Prices good until Nov. 1st.

Scrapbooking Paper 50% off packages and individual pages.

Frames - 50% off most frames in stock

Candles and Holders- 50% off

Woven Baskets - 50% off

Floral Stems - 50% off

Dried Natural floral 50% off

Swags and Garlands - 50% off

Ribbon by the yard - 30% off

Have a great day

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quote for you for today

"When asked what a person truly needs to survive, most people list air, water, and food, while forgetting that rest is also vitally important to our bodies, minds, and spirits." Margaret Feinberg (Resting in Him)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Michaels Crafts Deals

This week their blowout is on Halloween items Wilton candy melts are under $2.00 a bag.

happy haunting

Hobby Lobby Sale

Okay things for your weddings that might be on sale at Hobby Lobby. These prices are good through October 25th.

Fall Decorations - 50% - Cornucopias, Fall Bushes and Swags, Realistic and Decorative Pumpkins and gourds, and tableware and fall candle holders.

Frames - 50% - Most of their frames are on sale.

Ribbon on the Roll - 50% - Christmas and Floral department ribbon on the roll is on sale.

Floral - 50% - Flowering and Greenery bushes, swags, garlands, wreaths, and arrangements. Marbles, Gems, and river stones.
Oh and just in case you want or need any Halloween crafts and decor its 40% off.

Happy Crafting.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ways to have a stress free wedding day

Here are some tips on having a stress free day for your wedding. I have read so many articles on this topic and so these ideas are some from various articles from over the years and not new to me. I don't know who to attribute the facts to so if you know where they came from please let me know and I will give credit. Also some of these are things that I have learned over the years.


Get rest. The week before your wedding you need to get your rest. Use your friends, family, and wedding professionals to help you get things done so you can rest. You have been planning now let others help so you can enjoy it. Cut out r minimize alcoholic beverages. While we think they take the edge off and help us sleep, this is not true. They actually interrupt our natural sleeping pattern. By avoiding this the day before you might sleep better. If you are a nervous type person you might want to contact a health professional about a sleep aide for that night before (might also be good for any long flights on your honeymoon). A rested bride is a happy bride. We all know that when we are not rested we are more irritable and fussy. This on your wedding day may mean you taking out frustrations on your friends and family.


Eat. Seven out of Ten brides do not eat breakfast on their wedding day. We have heard it all our lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its true. You do not have to have a big heavy breakfast but some juice fruit and a whole grain muffin or such. Just get something in your stomach. Also avoid crash dieting. Think now if you are not the size you want to be and plan a lifestyle change. Small meals over the course of the day. Do not start a new exercises routine in the weeks before your wedding. Stick with what you know. Also remember your fiance fell in love with you as you are so don't worry you will be beautiful. Also avoid new foods the week before you wedding in case of an allergic reaction. If you have never had soft shell crab you can wait until after your wedding day to try it. Also dairy causing bloating so avoid this the week before your wedding if you can.


Have cell phone numbers for the day of your wedding. make sure your coordinator has these as well. Every vendor should be able to be reached on the day of your wedding and not just their office number. Some offices are closed on Saturday's you need a cell phone number. Make sure your coordinator has contacted all your vendors before the wedding day and that they all have the schedule of events for the day.


Labels and List As you pack up boxes for your big day make sure that things go together. Don't put the programs for the church in a box with candy for the reception. Everything should be for the same location. Similar items in the box are best. Label the box clearly. Include a list in the top if each box that inventories what is in there. Also make a list as you go for what you will need for your wardrobe, the church, the reception, etc. Then you can check it off as you pack it. It helps make sure cuff links and garters make it to the site you are getting ready at.


Spa. if you have time the morning of your wedding go get a spa treatment a facial o back rub. Do not get a facial that you have never received before you would hat to have an allergic reaction to one of the items in the facial and be red and splotchy on your wedding day.


If you are one of my brides you have it made anyway, I am here for you so you can call me for anything. I am here to make your day Stress Free. Son't hesitate to ask for anything.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meet Nery.

As promised here is another introduction to my wonderful staff. I could not do this so well with out such wonderful help. Nery Lauderdale is my sister in law. So while I question her taste in men (sorry little brother-haha), she is an amazing woman. Nery was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico. In Mexico she taught children, and played guitar with them and at her church. She is very close to her family. She is a mom to a beautiful two year old and just a beautiful person and looks for ways to help out and serve. Just a quick example the catering staff at our last event did not get the chance to eat. So they were heading to eat. The popcorn machine was set up and the caterer was going to just box up a bunch of it and set it out on a table. Nery jumped in and said she would stay and serve it so it could stay warm under the lights and the caterers could go eat. I could go on and on where she has done things like this. I also love that she and I think alike. We are often heading in the same direction to take care of things or move things around. She wants your wedding to be all you desired it to be and she is there to do what it takes. She is also fluent in Spanish and English so she is great with guest that prefer to speak Spanish she can understand them instantly (my Spanish is limited so its great to know she is there when I can't interpret). I value Nery's hard work and creativity. I am so luck to have her on my team.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aileen and Emit 10/11/08

What a fun couple. Aileen and Emit worked hard to incorporate elements from both of their heritages into their big day and I think they did a great job. This wedding we worked the reception only. I was told the ceremony at st. Theresa's was wonderful. I will add a few photo's here and more once Jennifer and CJ get me there photo's (they have the good ones). I need to get with Aileen and get the name of the wonderful Mariachis that came for the cocktail hour.
Vendors that helped make this day all it could be.

The Nichols Photography- Jennifer and CJ are such a fun couple and great photographers. I caught Jennifer sitting on the dance floor at on point talking to a group of kids and taking pictures at the same time.

Michelle's Patisserie- The cakes were beautiful and tasted great. There was a little miscommunication about the cake toppers but Michelle drove all the way back to bring them to us just in time. Thanks Michelle.

Byrne Rock- I have been looking forward to working with Byrne. He has a great reputation and so I was sure we would have a great time. The dance floor was packed.

Austin UT Alumni Club- What a beautiful room lots of natural light, but the best part was the staff. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. They were sure to make sure all the guest had a wonderful experience. I hope to work there again soon.

Here are the cake toppers that we ended up waiting on. The bridal topper was used on Aileens mothers wedding cake and Aileens sister used it on her cake as well.
The grooms topper was something Aileen made as a surprise for the groom. I still have not heard the penguin story.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun Confrence Day

Yesterday the kids were out of school for parent teacher conferences. We planned them for early in the morning so that we could get them done and do something fun. Isaiah's conference was great. He has things to work on, but he is also doing really well in some things. Not bad for a kid that we were told had Fetal Alch. Syndrome (that was later re-diagnosed and he does not show FAS symptoms). Christina's conference was not as good. I really did not like the way the teacher talked to us. She had very little positive to say. I looked on the six week goals and the assessment page to realize my child is doing very well in her school activities. The teacher could only tell me about the deals she tries to make with them, and that she rolled her eyes at them, or that she does not like to sit on the rug at group time. Okay she is four in a half day pre-school program. How bad can it be. I thought that those wee skills they were teaching in pre-school. But I put that aside. We then went to Austin Allen dropped us off at Dick Nichols Park to play while he went to take a test for school and then meet back up for us. Here are some photo's from the park.

Cool Website

Okay for all of my wonderful DIY Brides I have found a great website. It has lots of inspiration in the new color trends. Weddings are no longer black and white and pink and pastel. They are bold and blue and orange. I love the new color trends I think it allows you to make your wedding truly meaningful to you. So if you are looking for inspiration check them out at my personal artist. They really show off ways to use color.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is this the best job ever?

It's funny we have had revival at our church this week. What that means is some extra time with the people we see once or twice a week. We have had a meal everynight with the revival so again a chance to talk to people that normally you don't have time to talk to. So they usual questions come up- How old are your kids? Where do they go to school? What part of town are you from? Have you ever heard this speaker before? What do you do for a living?

That last one is where I proudly say I plan and coordinate weddings and other events. Four times in the past two days I have had people ask me if I ever need help with it. They said it sounds like so much fun and they have always wanted to work on weddings. I let them know that I have a pretty reliable and amazing staff right now, but its nice to know who is interested in helping if its ever needed.

Weddings seem to just draw out the romantic in everyone. These people think that its amazing to help someone on their big day and that it has to be so much fun. If I sat down with them and told them honestly all that goes into it I wonder how many would still think its the best job ever. For me personally it is. I have done this long enough that there is nothing that can be thrown my way that I can't deal with. Years of theatrical productions have prepared me to think on my feet, as well as years of customer service experience have taught me how to deal with all sorts of people. My feelings are not hurt easily and I don't mind telling a vendor what they need to be doing when they are not doing what they have been paid to do.

If they knew about the times I have plunged toilets, picked up dog poop so no one would walk it in, carried out bags of trash that were leaking booze, broken most of my nails putting together decorations, bleed (needles and corsage ins do not belong in the ends of fingers), and the shear pain in your legs and feet after an often 12 hour day on them (no matter how great and comfortable your shoes are) I think then they might not see it so much as fun.

Don't get me wrong I will do all those things over again. I do think I have the best job in the world, but I am aware of the stress and less than glamorous moments it takes to have a glamorous and elegant and fun perfect day. I love it all.

(photo from Alexis and Tim's Wedding taken by Jennifer Nichols)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom's birthday was Wednesday. I don't think she would be happy if I posted her age. We decided the weekend before that we should give her a little party. So I put in a call to Dawn and the Cake Pan to see if she could do anything for me last minute. She made me a great two tiered pink and white cake. It was perfect and my mom loved it. It was added to a table decorated by flowers that my dad got her and her boss got her. Also my sister bought a large balloon arrangement. We surrounded it by gifts. My sister had to work but the rest of us siblings were there, as well as our kids and spouses, and my grandmother and grandfather (my mom's parents). We had a simple dinner and cake. Nothing fancy but she had a great time. Said it was perfect and she was not expecting anything. I don't know if this was really a surprise party but we didn't let her now we were planning anything for her. I was a bad event planner in he fact that I didn't get the camera out at all. (Dawn if you have a copy of the cake would you please send it to me to post here). My mom is not the biggest fan of getting her picture taken for some reason. She is beautiful. Here she is with Teresa at her graduation.