Monday, October 20, 2008

Ways to have a stress free wedding day

Here are some tips on having a stress free day for your wedding. I have read so many articles on this topic and so these ideas are some from various articles from over the years and not new to me. I don't know who to attribute the facts to so if you know where they came from please let me know and I will give credit. Also some of these are things that I have learned over the years.


Get rest. The week before your wedding you need to get your rest. Use your friends, family, and wedding professionals to help you get things done so you can rest. You have been planning now let others help so you can enjoy it. Cut out r minimize alcoholic beverages. While we think they take the edge off and help us sleep, this is not true. They actually interrupt our natural sleeping pattern. By avoiding this the day before you might sleep better. If you are a nervous type person you might want to contact a health professional about a sleep aide for that night before (might also be good for any long flights on your honeymoon). A rested bride is a happy bride. We all know that when we are not rested we are more irritable and fussy. This on your wedding day may mean you taking out frustrations on your friends and family.


Eat. Seven out of Ten brides do not eat breakfast on their wedding day. We have heard it all our lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its true. You do not have to have a big heavy breakfast but some juice fruit and a whole grain muffin or such. Just get something in your stomach. Also avoid crash dieting. Think now if you are not the size you want to be and plan a lifestyle change. Small meals over the course of the day. Do not start a new exercises routine in the weeks before your wedding. Stick with what you know. Also remember your fiance fell in love with you as you are so don't worry you will be beautiful. Also avoid new foods the week before you wedding in case of an allergic reaction. If you have never had soft shell crab you can wait until after your wedding day to try it. Also dairy causing bloating so avoid this the week before your wedding if you can.


Have cell phone numbers for the day of your wedding. make sure your coordinator has these as well. Every vendor should be able to be reached on the day of your wedding and not just their office number. Some offices are closed on Saturday's you need a cell phone number. Make sure your coordinator has contacted all your vendors before the wedding day and that they all have the schedule of events for the day.


Labels and List As you pack up boxes for your big day make sure that things go together. Don't put the programs for the church in a box with candy for the reception. Everything should be for the same location. Similar items in the box are best. Label the box clearly. Include a list in the top if each box that inventories what is in there. Also make a list as you go for what you will need for your wardrobe, the church, the reception, etc. Then you can check it off as you pack it. It helps make sure cuff links and garters make it to the site you are getting ready at.


Spa. if you have time the morning of your wedding go get a spa treatment a facial o back rub. Do not get a facial that you have never received before you would hat to have an allergic reaction to one of the items in the facial and be red and splotchy on your wedding day.


If you are one of my brides you have it made anyway, I am here for you so you can call me for anything. I am here to make your day Stress Free. Son't hesitate to ask for anything.

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