Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gotcha Day

Four years ago today a white SUV pulls up into our driveway. Inside that SUV was the most precious cargo in the world that was being delivered to my door. There was a sweet smiling little boy and a tiny precious little girl. These two children had started life out a little rougher than others. They were both in the foster care system here in our state. After a long journey through the system there was finally a family that was perfect for them. Ours. I loved these two the moment I saw them a few weeks before. I knew that our journey to be parents was going to be over in these two children. In the past four years there have been ups and downs but even the trials I have never once regretted becoming a parent.
God forms families in so many ways. My children were carried in another woman’s womb. A woman that was not able to care properly for them. But while in her womb the Lord had his hand on these children. He knew there was a family waiting for them and kept the effects of drugs and alcohol of the mother away from them.
I look at my kids so silly and so goofy and so loving, and I have to praise the Lord for everyday I have with them. While they have always been special this last year has been wonderful. My kids have grown out so much this year. Their personalities are so much fun now. My daughter has a comeback for everything and being small still it’s funny to hear. My son has done so much better in school and I see so much of my husband in him. They both have Allen’s love for music and can sing songs all day long.
There are many more years to this journey. I am glad to celebrate gotcha day today with my kids.
(Gotcha= the day we got you)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

While I know he was not the only icon to pass away yesterday. While my sympathies go out to the Facett family and friends I was not a Charlies Angels fan (I was young when it was out). MJ was a hit while I was growing up. I danced and sang his songs all through my childhood and teens. I think it would be hard to find someone that has never tried to moon walk or a few of the thriller moves. Don't try to visualize me moon walking it was not good. I am not happy with the choices he made later in life but its still a part of my childhood gone. So to his family and children I hope this all gets settled soon and they can move on and learn to live without him.

On a side note my husband is hoping the rumors are true that he willed Paul McCartney the Beatles catalog he bought some time back.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pro Pics of Katy and Ed

Thanks to Travis and his team for these great photos. Check him out at Rebel with a Camera

Friday, June 19, 2009

Photos Rachel and Justin.

Lisa with Now and then photographey has a sneak peak up on her blog and told me to grab any of the photos to share with you all. So here are a few enjoy them. And check out the rest at her blog.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rachel and Justin June 13th 2009

Well by this time you are probally tired of Star Hill Weddings, but let me just say that its such a great venue and I love working out there. I am so glad my brides that have picked it have found me and let me be a part of their special day out there. Adam the owner out there is so great. I can't thank him enough for all he did to make this wedding special. He really went above and beyond. One thing that I love is how versital the venue is. Every wedding I have done out there has been diffrent from the next. I don't like doing cookie cutter of copy cat weddings. There may be some aspects that are similar or overlap here and there, but all in all I want every wedding to be its own adventure and I was a little worried when I found out I would have three weddings out there in about a month apart from each other. Other than wishing I have rented a vacation house for the week as often as I have been there this last week I am loving being out there.
Rachel and Justin were such a cute couple. They got ready out at SHR and took some photos before heading over to the church.
After a short wait and guest were seated the family began to make its entrance and then the Bridal party. Finally all eyes were on the back doors that were decorated with two beautiful wreaths from the Last Petal (who did all the floral work for the wedding and reception). The doors opened for all to see Rachel. She was just glowing.

I headed back to SHR to make sure all the details were ready. Some last minute clean up of boxes and we were ready for the guest. Pink Avacado had all the drinks and appitizers ready. Krissys Cakes had their beautiful cakes in place. My staff (thanks Nery and Synda) had the drapes hung centerpeices on candy bar set up family photos put out and everything was ready to go.

As the first guest showed up Fred with encore entertainment had the music going in the street the school house and some in the bar as well.
Lisa with Now and Then photography and her husband and secod shooter got there with the guest pretty quickly and snapped a few more family and bridal party shots before we kicked the night off.
I had a great time and I think the could and family did as well.

Other vendors: Olden Lighting, Premiere Rentals, RR Limobus, Makeup and Hair, Specs if I have missed anyone please let me know my mind is in allergy fog today.
Photo post soon to follow


remember eons ago I was asked to film for Expert Video? Well they were bought out by Ehow.com. And so all my videos are up there. I have not watched all of them yet, but the few I have watched I have learned a few things. I need to talk slower. I need not flip my hair out of my face. And I still need to loose more weight. At the expense of looking silly here is a link to all the videos if you want to watch any of them. I had less than three minutes to convey a wealth of knowledge on these topics. If you want more information or details on any topics.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Need your help.

I got a voice mail this afternoon from a Bride by the name of Jennifer with her wedding next year in Austin. She is not from the Austin area it sounds like. I think she was calling from a cell phone because her number is completely garbled. I have tried listening to it all over the house and outside and down the street all the places my phone works great and its the same thing, so I think its on her end. I would love to talk to her, but without a number I can't.
So how can you help?
Well if you know Jennifer and told her about me then please call her and let her know what happened or pass on her number to me.
If you happen to see a post on one of the web-boards about a Jennifer looking for a wedding planner/Coordinator let her know somehow that I did not get her number. (i know my Knot brides and Wedding Bee Brides talk about me off and on not sure of any other boards that my name is being mentioned.
If you are Jennifer and following my blog please call me back or email me and let get together. I do want to talk to you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Katherine and Ed June 6th 2009

This was another Star Hill Ranch wedding. I dont think there is a way to have a bad wedding at Star Hill. It was hot but luckly everything was planned inside, and there was a nice wind coming through the veranda.

I loved that Katherine and Ed had some great details yet kept it pretty simple. It was really very pretty.

Her colors were white, green, and grey. Very nice together. I have a couple of photos I took, but as soon as the photographer can get me some of their professional pictures I will post those.

Here is the cast.

Central Market Flowers

Rebel with a Camera

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fake or Not?

I have been reading several blogs (sorry its just a bad habit) and noticing a trend in questions. Fake or Not? What do I mean by this? Here are some of the questions.

Should I get a fake tan before the wedding?

Should I get fake nails before the wedding?

Should I get fake eyelashes for the wedding?

These are the three I see the most. Here are my thoughts on all this. First your fiance asked you to marry him with pasty skin, chewed nails and short eyelashes. So he probably does not care what you do on the wedding day as long as you are there for the wedding and honeymoon. My thoughts on the tanning is this. As a pasty girl myself I can understand the desire for a little glow on your big day. That is fine, but don't tan too close to the date itself. If you have never done a spray tan before do not try it the first time on the dark setting a day before the wedding. Spray tanning takes time to build up and get used to. I suggest a month or two before starting this and then stop about three days before to a week so you have time to even out any mistakes if you got any in the last spay. I don't recommend over the counter sprays or tanners. These have gotten so much better over the years but without an expert hand your chances of streaking are high. Also your make up matches your skin tone. If you plan on tanning make sure you make up still matches.

Onto the fake nails. I can't say much about this because as I type I have on my solar nails. I love the look of the long nails and I use my hands so much that I beat my natural nails up. But things to consider. They look best the first time you put them on before any fills. So consider getting them done a day or two before the wedding (you have time because you have quit tanning, remember). Also leave the color off. Go with the natural or french look, it keeps from distracting away from the ring you are about to put on that left hand. If you have good even strong nails don't mess with the fakes. They damage your natural nail in the long run. I wore them for my wedding and was glad because I did not have to worry the day before about my nails and could do whatever I needed to get done. Down side to the nails. You have to fill them every two weeks. So if you are going to be gone for a long honeymoon you might have some trouble with them, unless the hotel you are at has a saloon that can do fills for you.

The eyelashes well I just never liked them. I have short lashes, but with some good mascara I don't think I was in danger of my eyes looking bad on my wedding day. Wear them before the day to make sure you are not allergic to the glue and comfortable with them. If at all possible have a professional put them on.

OK that's my opinions. For today.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Couples helping out each other

In talking to a couple of my past brides recently it has come to my attention that you all may be able to network and help each other out. I know some of my brides have services or sell products that you might find interesting, and I would like to get you connected with each other. So over the next few weeks and months I will be posting blogs about the services or items some of you all have to offer and their contact information so you can get with them if you need their help. If you would like to be included please let me know. You can email me Becky@stressfreeevents.net and I will add you to the list. If its not a service or item you need then just skip the post or come back to it if you find someone else who needs it. I have some great brides and I would not feature them on here if I did not think you would get quality service and products from them.