Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picking a date.

First off did you know that next to Valentines day, the most popular holiday to get engaged is Christmas? Third is New years Eve. So here on the end of Christmas and the start of the New Year I thought I would talk about picking a date. So your dear, sweet wonderful, boyfriend, is now your fiance. Congratulations. But what is next. The biggest question you will hear when showing off that beautiful ring is when is the wedding? So before you jump the gun and start telling everyone a date lets consider somethings.

1. Where is your wedding going to be? Is it inside, outside, in the North or the South? you don't want to pick a date in June in Texas with a mid-afternoon outdoor wedding. Its just traditionally too hot. No one wants their guest to remember their wedding for the heat stroke they got.

2. Make sure your venue is available. If getting married at a certain place is high on your list make sure its not booked already.

3. Make sure the most important people can be there on your big day. If your parents have another commitment that they can not change you will want to see about changing your plans before you tell everyone your plans.

4. Consider holidays. This can be to your advantage or disadvantage so think about it first. A holiday weekend wedding may allow more of your guest the freedom to come, but at the same time prices might be higher for hotels and availability for your vendors might be more of a challenge. I recommend if you want a holiday wedding give yourself at least eighteen to twenty four months to plan the wedding.

5. Consider big events in town. For Austin where I do most my weddings, you have to deal with South by Southwest music and film festivals, ACL music fest, as well as many others. Check this out before setting a date.

In taking a few minutes to really plan your wedding date and not just pick the first thing that comes to you. It will make the rest of your planning so much easier and stress free.

Happy Planning.

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