Friday, March 28, 2008

Referral Discount

Calling all previous brides and vendors that I have worked with. If you refer your friends and clients to me I am offering them a referral discount. They can take 20% off my services if they let me know you sent them to me. *
Its a great way to let your friends enjoy the same stress free time that you did at your wedding/party.

*I will email you to verify the referral before submitting the discount.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Isiaha and Christina's Birthday Party

I know that most of the events on here have been weddings, and I do specialize in weddings, but I have to say I love a good birthday party as well. I tend to go overboard on my kids own parties. Friday we celebrated Christina’s 4th birthday and Isaiah’s 6th. The kids have the same birthday just two years apart. And right now they don’t mind sharing the party. I have a feeling that Christina will be the first one to ask for her own party someday.

I sadly did not take a bunch of photos but one of the guest’s dads did and he is going to share those with me soon.

We choose the theme of High School Musical. I think this is really a show geared to kids a little older but my two love it and sing along with all the songs.

We decorated with silver red and white stars red and yellow balloons and a red foil curtain that was draped over the fireplace to help it look like a state.

I ordered pizza from Little Caesars Pizza. Served that with a veggie tray and fruit tray for dinner. After dinner we served cake and the guest could have ice cream served in a waffle bowl and topped with M&M’s and gummy bears. A few passed on the ice cream just filling the bowl with the candy. I made the cake and well let’s just say that while it tasted great I am not a cake decorator. I was going to ask my mom to make them a cake but kept forgetting so at the last minute it was up to me. I will post a picture you just can get an idea of it from me describing it, but it was not too bad.

When the guest arrived we offered them drinks and dinner. The kids sat on the floor and ate while watching the first high school musical movie. As they seemed to be finishing up and getting antsy we took the girls into Christina’s room and the boys into Isaiah’s room. In there they had to hunt for eggs (sports themed ones for the boys and glitter for the girls) and their cell phones. I told them that Ms. Darvous took away their cell phones and hid them. There was one each. The cell phones were filled with candy and I picked them up at HEB for about a dollar each.

After this game it was just fun time. We put on the CD’s of the songs for the music and the kids danced and sang and some went into the kids rooms and played for a little bit.

Isaiah and Christina could wait no longer had to open presents. They loved everything that they got. After that the kids went back to playing and then left as they and their parents felt like it. It was not over planned but the kids had so much fun. I had other games to play but to interrupt them dancing and singing and playing seemed wrong.

Oh for the gift bags. In High School musical 2 Sharpe sings a song called Fabulous. And in it she asks where her pink Prada tote is. While I do go overboard I am not buying the girls Prada. I did pick up pink totes at the craft store added some purple feathers to the top and filled them. They each had a Tiara, bubbles, sunglasses, a book, stickers, fruit snacks, and white gloves. The boys got red bags with baseballs on the end of them. Again HSM2 they play a round of baseball rather then basketball like the first movie and the bags were red and white the wildcat colors from the movie. In their bags they had basket ball whistles, parachute jumpers, fruit snacks, bubbles, sunglasses, a book, and stickers.

Here is a slide show of photos

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A contest.

Okay everyone as some of you may know I am going to be going to Ecuador for a week this summer on missions. It's an amazing opportunity. We will be running a children's camp with kids from the local mountain villages. I am honored to be a part of this.

It does take some serious funds that are not in the everyday operational budget to make this happen.

So I would like to offer a chance to win my services. I am giving away either a full day of coordination package or my basic wedding package. You just have to register to win.

I am asking a suggested donation of $5.00 an entry. This is just a suggested amount. All the funds from this will go to the Ecuador trip. Entries can be emailed to me. Payments can be made via pay pal. for both. If you would like to write a check please email me and I can give you those instructions on where to mail it.

Please read all the rules and terms and conditions:

Entries must be received in my email before April 14th 2008

No more the four entries in one day

Each entry must be in their own email

Entry must have your name, wedding date, and email, phone and best way to contact you.

To be eligible your wedding has to be after May 2008-December 2009

The only wedding black out dates are in July as this will be while I am in Ecuador (if you have a July wedding and wish to participate please contact me to see if your date is open).

Contest is for full day of coordination with myself and one assistant, or our basic wedding planning package. I can email you details on these.

Wedding must be in central Texas. If outside of the central Texas regions you may be responsible for travel expenses.

Drawing will be on April 15th and winner will be contacted before posting on this blog and my website.

You may forward this information on to anyone you wish and think would be interested.

All money paid is just a suggested donation and no purchase is necessary to enter.

Please email me with any questions.



church I am going with

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jimi and Michelle Wedding

This wedding has definitely been one that has presented itself with many challenges. First the bride was in Canada and the groom was in Oklahoma for most of the planning process. The wedding was planned for here in Austin. I met Michelle on the knot and was glad to be able to help her out.

The wedding was held at House on the Hill. It was the perfect venue for this wedding. Our guest count planning was for about 100. I think I counted last night about 60 or so guest.

The bride was stunning and thanks to Katie for a fabulous job on makeup.

We had planned the wedding to be held outside in front of the water fall. The weather though was not on our side. It was dark and over cast. We would get a heavy sprinkle here and there and then it would stop and then a light rain and then it would stop. The groom was on site and called his bride and they decided to have it inside and if at the last minute the weather turned clear we would move the chairs. So we set the inside of the house up for the reception creating a walkway and place in the center for the couple to get married. It was right in front of a big window. Very nice.

The challenge was we had two hours. This amount of set up really I like to have 3-4 hours to set up for, but we had two. That is fine we knew we had to make it work my team was great (Thanks JT and Nery). And the brides brother and father and the best man and his wife were all on hand. With a plan at hand they all took directions well and we worked together and all the furniture was moved tables set up and chair covers put on, and sashes tied

The tables were covered with brown table cloths in the center of each one was a record bowl (a bowl made by softening and shortening a old record) those were filled with pink and green tissue paper. And there also was a cut out of the couple dancing. It really looked great. The bride and her bridesmaids put it all together themselves.

The cakes were chocolate cakes from central market 4 total. They were so good and looked perfect. The original plan was to make these look like records by adding labels to them. Well the labels were left at the hotel and so that did not happen. We (well one of her bridesmaids) added some ribbons on them in her colors and it was just fine. (side story on the cakes. When we got to House on the Hill there was a white three tiered cake and a chocolate grooms cake the grooms cake had the US Army symbol on it. Well I knew the white cake was not what she wanted and I didn't think they were having a grooms cake. But being that the groom was active army I thought maybe some of the guys decided to get him a grooms cake as a gift. No problem. I talked to the groom he didn't know said his bride took care of the cakes but he knew the white tiered cake was all wrong. So I called the hotel and talked to one of the bridesmaids she talked to the bride and they said hey its a cake its paid for it will be fine. So no worries. Well at 4:15 Central Market shows up with the cakes ordered. They had not been out already they don't know who those other cakes were from. So we had the correct cakes yeah. But someone somewhere did not. I called several bakeries that I had numbers for and no one delivered the cakes there was not a name or card on the box. The officiant showed up and she started calling other venues in the area while my team and I finished setting up. She was hoping they just delivered it to the wrong house. She called all the places she thought even sounded like House on the Hill. No one was missing cakes. So if you know someone that was missing their cake on their March 9th wedding I am sorry I tried to find you).

The officiant was Sarah Delefuente. She was wonderful. Very personable. Very comfortable ceremony. And like I said in the above paragraph a real helpful person.

After the ceremony all the guest went to the pavilion for appetizers and drinks. The DJ ( ) did a great job of keeping the music and spirits up while the barkeeps (also friends of the couple) were keeping spirits flowing.

The rain held off and the couple and family took some photos outside before the next round of rain hit. Stacy Cross and her assistant did a fabulous job with the photo's and were a delight to work with I can't wait to see them and add some to this post.

After photos everyone came in for dinner. This was a buffet of potatoes, veggie medley in a wonderful sauce, salad, breads, and bar-b-que chicken and brisket. It was so good. It was catered by Dagar's. The staff was great. The food was great. I enjoyed working with them.

After dinner and toasts delivered by the best man, maid of honor, the couple, the parents of the bride, and father of the best man cake was served and everyone proceeded out to the dance floor and bar for continued merriment. You could tell they were all having a great time.

I don't want to forget the flowers were done by Christine with Eventfully Yours' Floral Design. She was so easy to work with and did fabulous even working in a budget. Getting the bride just what she wanted. I have an email for her if anyone is interested before I have her link available.

Congratulations Michelle and Jimi I loved working on your wedding.