Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My family will be moving this month into a new house. I am a little overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have in this house. We are lucky and can make it a slow move, but still we will get to the point that it has to be done. One thing that will be coming is a photo inventory of decoration items that I have for you my brides to use at no additional cost. With the move I am getting it all in one place instead of in various corners of the house. I have found bags of things I have picked up at craft sales that I forgot I had, so I can pass that on to you. Thanks to several of my generous past brides my collection is growing with each passing wedding. So be watching for the items soon. Just to let you know a few things I have

I have 12 brown and white large gingham checked table runners (as seen in photo)

I have 17 small square vases (3x3 inch I think)

I have many other clear glass vases in various shapes and sizes

I have 6 tall tin buckets (used for floral centerpieces) (as seen in photo)

I have small, medium, and large mason jars used for candles. (as seen in photo)

I have a silver/pewter serving tray (oval platter style)

I have a large cut crystal punch bowl (I have a few cups for this but not many might be enough for a small shower)

I still have to inventory overlays and table cloths and ribbons and thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, moving sucks. Yay for finding stuff you didn't even know you had!!