Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wedding Workout.

I know that shortly after the thrill and excitement of the proposal wore off I had more than just wedding planning on my mind. My weight. I was overweight and knew that I was never going to be a size 2 bride, but I wanted to look my best on my wedding day. I crash dieted and got on the exercise bike nightly. I have bad knees and other workouts were not going to work for me. Well I dropped the weight to a place I was happy with on the big day, but felt like dirt. The crash diets and excessive exercise really got to my body and I was tired and worn out. I can say that most of that weight was added back on within six months of my wedding and that was depressing.

So what is a girl to do? Start as early as possible so you have time. Weight loss works best when its done slow and over time. Weight loss also needs to be a change in the way of life not just a diet. If you can consult with your doctor, or a nutritionist for the best changes in your life. In my life portion control was best. Eat what I like but less of it. I also limited foods that were fried and high in fat (the holidays are an exception but again only in moderation).

No diet change will be enough. Our bodies were made to move. We need exercise. Even if not tyring to loose weight its good for us. Well you need to create a simple workout that you can keep up with and enjoy. You can always step it up later but start simple.

I have found that what works for me is water aerobics. You don't realize how much you are doing or burning because you are not sweating. The water keeps you cool. At the same time you build muscle and burn fat. It is lean muscle and you don't bulk up. I have been attending a class now for three months and can say I honestly have seen some great results. For example I weigh myself on Monday's only. So this Monday I hit the scale looking for the damage after thanksgiving. I was down three pounds. I did make sure I have three workouts in before the meal but didn't do anything Thursday-Sunday and expected the worst.

I move better now and have great energy and am enjoying life so much more. My knees don't hurt so bad when I run with the kids and am thinking of trying some other non-water workouts but will only step it up a little.

That said good luck make smart choices and remember your fiance asked you to marry him not expecting you to shrink before the wedding. He loves you even with the curves.

What diets work for you? What workouts do you enjoy?

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