Friday, December 19, 2008

Exciting times

I have been busy with this move and ignoring my blog and so sorry for that. I wanted to let you know the fun and exiting things going on with the company.

Last week I spent a morning filming spots for it was a lot of fun. I filmed thirty one to three minute spots on various wedding topics. I will let you all know when they are posted.

They called me back and wanted me to do some Christmas stuff but with the more I just did not have a chance.

I also got a call from the producers of Bridzilla's looking for dificult brides. I was glad to be called. I don't have any difficult brides and I like to think that none of my brides would ever be on that show.

My husband is waiting for me to have my own wedding planning show. I told him he was dreaming but he likes to think big.

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Anonymous said...

what, you didn't think of me for Bridezillas?!?! j/k! congrats on the successes, you deserve it!