Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun Confrence Day

Yesterday the kids were out of school for parent teacher conferences. We planned them for early in the morning so that we could get them done and do something fun. Isaiah's conference was great. He has things to work on, but he is also doing really well in some things. Not bad for a kid that we were told had Fetal Alch. Syndrome (that was later re-diagnosed and he does not show FAS symptoms). Christina's conference was not as good. I really did not like the way the teacher talked to us. She had very little positive to say. I looked on the six week goals and the assessment page to realize my child is doing very well in her school activities. The teacher could only tell me about the deals she tries to make with them, and that she rolled her eyes at them, or that she does not like to sit on the rug at group time. Okay she is four in a half day pre-school program. How bad can it be. I thought that those wee skills they were teaching in pre-school. But I put that aside. We then went to Austin Allen dropped us off at Dick Nichols Park to play while he went to take a test for school and then meet back up for us. Here are some photo's from the park.

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