Friday, November 28, 2008

Picking your wedding style

We have all been sucked into the reality shows and seen every type of wedding we could imagine. A few years back things were not so. My mom was one of five kids and four of the weddings were the same cakes looked the same and punch bowl (I know it was the same I have it now, it was a gift from my grandmother). The white dresses and up do's were all very similar in the photos. Well now that is not the case. Every wedding has a different feel from the next. How do you pick your style.

Its not hard, first when you dreamed about your wedding what was that dream. Now is that dream reasonable and does it still fit you?

How much do you have to spend? A formal elaborate wedding may not be for you because its just not in the budget. This does not mean you have to have a white trash wedding, but realize you might not be able to get four foot center pieces for all the tables.

Are there certain colors that are special to you both, or that just make you happy?

Is there something that you just want to capture a feel or era in time (Victorian, country, Renaissance)

Is it a theme or style that you can accomplish? (A beach themed wedding might not be appropriate in winter in Maine).

At the same time a theme or style is nice as a guideline but it can go to far. Make sure you limit yourself so that you still have a wedding and not a hoedown. Colors are a great was to tie things together, but some colors can be a bit much in large amounts and should only be accent colors. I say this as I am thinking of a wedding I went to awhile back and I left there with a craving for pepto bismal. Yep every bit of the room was pepto pink.
Always ask the professionals for help. Your wedding planner and coordinator should have an eye for these things and be able to help. If not check with the rental place and your cake decorator they might have some ways to get color in and not over do it.

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