Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Dance with Dad

The first dance a bride has with her father after her wedding ceremony is often emotional. The song for this dance has to be just right and fit the father and his daughters relationship. I know many brides and fathers for that matter stress over this little so much. has a great list of songs just for this occation. I will copy it here
1. Butterfly KissesBob Carlisle's Butterfly Kisses is one of the all-time favorites. The message is loved by dads and daughters alike and the tempo makes dancing easy.
2. When Angels FlyWhen Angels Fly is a new addition to our top ten list of father-daughter wedding songs. Performed by Tony Ransom & The Heavely Light Orchestra, it is at once inspiring and memorable.
3. I Loved Her FirstWhat a great song for a father-daughter wedding dance! By the country/pop group Heartland, this song will melt the heart of daughter, father and every onlooker.
4. Through the YearsThrough the Years by Kenny Rogers is a timeless song of love and is a favorite of many of my friends. It is a little bit country, which appeals to many dads and daughters, but is sweet and memorable.
5. Sunrise SunsetThe wedding song from the Fiddler on the Roof is a long time favorite for the dad and daughter dance. It was sung at my wedding reception 26 years ago, and has special memories for me. And it makes for an elegant dance given the slow and graceful tempo.
6. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)This James Taylor classic hit is a great but less often used wedding dance choice. Many dads remember it from their youth and it is a lot of fun to dance to. This is not your classic waltz, but it is still memorable.
7. The Way You Look TonightAn old Frank Sinatra tune (with the Count Basie orchestra) is a wonderful dad and daughter dance number. It has a fun beat and is well crafted for a litte swing dance at a wedding or reception.
8. UnforgettableYou can't listen to Natalie Cole's version of her father's hit Unforgettable without feeling the warm affection between a father and a daughter. And it is easy to dance to as well.
9. Lullabye (Goodnight my Angel)One of Billy Joel's soulful songs sings a lullabye to his daughter and provides a favorite dance song for weddings. This is a unique song--not one you'll hear at every wedding--and still is meaningful to a dad and his newlywed daughter.
10. My Father's EyesAmy Grant's performance of My Father's Eyes is sweet and soulful and will be loved by both you and your daughter.

This is by no means compleate list of songs, but its a good place to start. Have some other recomendations feel free to comment and add them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting the Groom Involved

This question seems to be one that comes up more times then I can count when talking with a Bride about wedding planning.

Here I have gathered some tips from various articals on the web.

Step 1:Take note of your fiance's hobbies and tastes. See if any of them fall in line with an aspect of wedding planning.
Step 2:Ask your fiance what he's most looking forward to about the wedding.
Step 3:Mention any aspect of that part of the planning process that might still need to be completed.
Step 4:Turn over any resources you may have already found regarding that aspect to your fiance.
Step 5:Involve your fiance in all aspects of the wedding that are specific to him, such as his tuxedo or groomsmen gifts. Let him take charge there if he wants to.
Step 6:Make menu and cake tasting a shared experience by planning a day around it. You can go to a local hotspot afterwards or plan a romantic pre-wedding honeymoon near your venue.

Here are the top 10 ways to include your man in planning for the big day.

Request His Help. This may sound like a "no-brainer," but often the groom doesn't get involved because he has been under the mistaken impression that his help wasn't desired. Sit down with your fiance and ask him what he would like to have at the wedding/reception. Tell him what you would like and develop a plan together.
Give Him The Knowledge. The fact that almost every bridal magazine is directed at brides is not lost on your fiance. He may be hesitant to help with planning because he simply doesn't know what's expected of him. Give him a checklist with dates that tasks need to be accomplished. Offer suggestions for each area. Remember, he may not do things exactly the way you might, but that's okay. He's getting the job done.
Enticements. Finding the most delicious wedding cake or most bubbly champagne can be a good way to have your fiance have input into the wedding plans. Spending a few afternoons or evenings eating delicious desserts and sipping on champagne isn't work; it's fun!
Gift Registry. Remind your man that the gift registry isn't just for china and crystal. While he may genuinely care about those types of gifts, today's gift registries are much more diverse. If he's had his eye on a great barbecue set or barware, remind him that the wedding gift registry is the way to go.
Entertainment. Choosing the entertainment for your reception may be just the ticket for getting your fiance involved. Chances are he has very definite opinions in this area. Put those tastes to good use. Have him "audition" the various bands or DJ's your considering. Spending a few evenings together going to clubs listening to music is a date not wedding planning!
Invitations. Chances are you haven't met everyone in your fiance's family or group of friends, yet it is important that they be included in the guest list. Ask him to make a list of people he wants to invite. Better yet, ask him to address the envelopes of his guest list. Don't worry if his handwriting is illegible, there are many computer programs available for printing labels.
Keeping Track. If your fiance is a natural organizer, ask him to keep track of receipts, schedules, contracts, and appointments. Not only will this lighten your load, but also he'll be involved in the planning process.
Accommodations. Asking your fiance to arrange for accommodations for out-of-town guests can be a good way for him to stay involved. Just give him a list of acceptable hotels, and let him do the arranging.

Rehearsal Dinner. Your fiance probably knows that this dinner has traditionally been the groom (or groom's family's) responsibility. If he doesn't already have ideas for this event, give him a few suggestions, and let him have at it. Don't worry if his ideas of fun for all differ from yours. It's his wedding, too!
Honeymoon Planning. If your guy doesn't already have a plan for your honeymoon, give him a few suggestions. Let him know the type of hotel you would find acceptable and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.