Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aileen and Emit 10/11/08

What a fun couple. Aileen and Emit worked hard to incorporate elements from both of their heritages into their big day and I think they did a great job. This wedding we worked the reception only. I was told the ceremony at st. Theresa's was wonderful. I will add a few photo's here and more once Jennifer and CJ get me there photo's (they have the good ones). I need to get with Aileen and get the name of the wonderful Mariachis that came for the cocktail hour.
Vendors that helped make this day all it could be.

The Nichols Photography- Jennifer and CJ are such a fun couple and great photographers. I caught Jennifer sitting on the dance floor at on point talking to a group of kids and taking pictures at the same time.

Michelle's Patisserie- The cakes were beautiful and tasted great. There was a little miscommunication about the cake toppers but Michelle drove all the way back to bring them to us just in time. Thanks Michelle.

Byrne Rock- I have been looking forward to working with Byrne. He has a great reputation and so I was sure we would have a great time. The dance floor was packed.

Austin UT Alumni Club- What a beautiful room lots of natural light, but the best part was the staff. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. They were sure to make sure all the guest had a wonderful experience. I hope to work there again soon.

Here are the cake toppers that we ended up waiting on. The bridal topper was used on Aileens mothers wedding cake and Aileens sister used it on her cake as well.
The grooms topper was something Aileen made as a surprise for the groom. I still have not heard the penguin story.

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