Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Vacation

I am heading to the coast with my family to visit some of my other family. We are also working with our youth group. We are doing some finishing work on some rebuilding in the Crystal Beach Area. I won't be gone long, and I will have email access and my phone (if it works there). I will be checking in just not as much. Back to work and blogging upon my return.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stuff for rent

Rose Ann has a lot of things she bought for her wedding that she is willing to rent out to others at a very reduced cost. She will even work out delivery and pick up of items. She said she would even help set some of it up if needed. Just let her know. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested have them contact me.
· 40 beautiful green table runners
· 10 - 60inch round linen table cloths
· 215 antique linen napkins
· 10 beautiful tall white lumineer lanterns I used as centerpieces
· 12 black lanterns and hooks for lining sidewalks or anywhere.
· A ton of vases- many that match (I have 20 of one particular vase and 25 of another)- used for the extra flowers around the Allan House
· Glass votive holders- at least 50
· And beautiful crystal taper candle holders- at least 45
· I also have my beautiful rod iron arbor- that they can put flowers on if they would like
If you want to see photos let me know and I can try to find the photos in the ones I have from her wedding or you can meet up with her and she can show you everything she has. This is one of those ways you can save some money on your wedding.

Rose Ann and David Pro Pics

All pro Pics are provided by Ron Parks.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ricky and Marrisa July 2009

This was a very special wedding to me. I wish I could say that I coordinated it, or planned it but it was put together very quickly. I found out about it the day of the wedding. Ricky was in the youth group Allen and I teach with for years. We taught him in Sunday School. He is a great guy that graduated a couple of years ago. He spent the last several months to a year in the Army. He will be stationed now out of state and so after his graduation on the 2nd he and his fiance had planned a surprise wedding (surprise to his family). They got married at the Gazebo in San Marcos. I found them some music for the ceremony and ran the music for them, and then took care all the formal photos. It was very simple and very beautiful. I was so happy for them. Here are some photos I took. Oh and yes you can see I am not going to be moving into the photography side of weddings. My little Nikon took some great photos considering, but they are still pretty amature. Okay here is one photo check the rest out on my facebook.

Congrats you two.

Amber and Daniel

I feel bad I have not had a chance to blog about this wedding. It was at the Heritage House in Pflugerville and the reception was in the barn. It was in late June and I will say it was horrifically hot. Still it turned out really pretty. They borrowed a lot of candle holders from friends and family to help cut down on the cost the decorations. The DJ was a friend of the bride. It was catered by Gino's out of Round Rock. Cakes by Leann were really good and beautiful. I was unable to get any photos. I will post some if I happen to get any. I will remember the heat with this one and the smile on the grooms face when his bride stepped out of the car.