Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work does come out at home..

I was going through my four year old daughters backpack tonight to look at her art. I save some and some gets recycled (sorry there is just three and four pages a day I can't keep everything). Well they did an art projoct on a light blue peice of paper. She had white paint on one side then folded it in half. Now it looks like one of those ink blot test. So the teacher asks what it is and she tells her its a wedding dress. Yep I can see it. Well kind of. I don't imagine every child would see a wedding dress in the white paint, but my poor child gets to see and hear wedding stuff all day long since I work from home. Well I am saving it. I think its great. I am worried what will happen when she does get married in years from now. She will have been hearing weddings all her life she will either want a grand affair or run away and elope to avoid all her mother does. I love her which ever she wants.

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