Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is this the best job ever?

It's funny we have had revival at our church this week. What that means is some extra time with the people we see once or twice a week. We have had a meal everynight with the revival so again a chance to talk to people that normally you don't have time to talk to. So they usual questions come up- How old are your kids? Where do they go to school? What part of town are you from? Have you ever heard this speaker before? What do you do for a living?

That last one is where I proudly say I plan and coordinate weddings and other events. Four times in the past two days I have had people ask me if I ever need help with it. They said it sounds like so much fun and they have always wanted to work on weddings. I let them know that I have a pretty reliable and amazing staff right now, but its nice to know who is interested in helping if its ever needed.

Weddings seem to just draw out the romantic in everyone. These people think that its amazing to help someone on their big day and that it has to be so much fun. If I sat down with them and told them honestly all that goes into it I wonder how many would still think its the best job ever. For me personally it is. I have done this long enough that there is nothing that can be thrown my way that I can't deal with. Years of theatrical productions have prepared me to think on my feet, as well as years of customer service experience have taught me how to deal with all sorts of people. My feelings are not hurt easily and I don't mind telling a vendor what they need to be doing when they are not doing what they have been paid to do.

If they knew about the times I have plunged toilets, picked up dog poop so no one would walk it in, carried out bags of trash that were leaking booze, broken most of my nails putting together decorations, bleed (needles and corsage ins do not belong in the ends of fingers), and the shear pain in your legs and feet after an often 12 hour day on them (no matter how great and comfortable your shoes are) I think then they might not see it so much as fun.

Don't get me wrong I will do all those things over again. I do think I have the best job in the world, but I am aware of the stress and less than glamorous moments it takes to have a glamorous and elegant and fun perfect day. I love it all.

(photo from Alexis and Tim's Wedding taken by Jennifer Nichols)


Stacy Cross said...

That's the truth, girl! My job really IS the best, but glamorous? No. :)

GrosgrainBride said...

I'm jealous (except for the poop part).
It was fun this weekend!