Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rose Ann and David May 24th

This was a beautiful couple with a great family and a beautiful wedding. Rose Ann had a wonderful vision for her day and worked hard to get it all together. She had some DIY items, and it all looked wonderful. I enjoyed this wedding so much. Physically I am not happy with the blister on my heel that I got. Never wearing the low sock again with the shoes. Lets look at the vendors and how it all pulled together.

Venue: The Allen House

Photographer: Ron Parks

DJ: Greenbelt DJ

Flowers: Exquisite floral and some DIY

Caterer: Sheila F.

Bar Tenders: Hill Country Events

Harpist: Kristin Smith

Cakes and Pies: Family Members

Rentals: American Party Rentals

If you have any questions on how these vendors worked out or any other aspect of the wedding please let me know. I will be glad to share. I am sorry I did not take any photos myself, but as soon as Ron has a few ready I will get them. Off to see if there are any bridals at least to give you a sneak peak of this beautiful bride and what turned out to be a beautiful wedding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vendor Reviews

Okay ladies I am putting together a bit of a scrapbook of all my weddings this summer. This is mostly for me to go back and reference. I need your help. For some of your weddings I have very few photos and would love a few more photos of your happy day in order to show off your wedding in my scrapbook. Some of you have lots of photos so please ask me if I need any and I will let you know.
Next I would like to ask you for your vendor reviews. I know how well different vendors worked with me, but in all cases I don't know your full experience and would like to have that for my information to make sure that every bride gets the best day they can get. Please email me with any details.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kelly and Darryl Professional Pics

thanks for the sneak peak Carli. Visit her over at inked fingers.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wedding Traditions

My husband pulled up an article on yahoo headlines about wedding traditions that needed to go. I glanced at it. While I try to not be dated in things that I offer my brides and up on the newest traditions, this article was silly.

While I agree the rice should be out (not because we are pelting brides with it) because of the fact that its hazardous to the health of the fine feathered friends in the area. To be honest this has been out for over a decade at least.

The other things for the most part I could take them of leave them. I like the flower and garter tosses myself because its just a riot to see all the single ladies hanging out on the dance floor willing to take out the person next to them for any chance at all at not being single at the next one of these get togethers. Sometimes these are tame and most women are married and in those cases I say just do what you want. As for the garter its the opposite. All the single men are pushed and prodded by their long time girlfriends (who want them to have no excuse for not proposing), or their buddies who are already trapped I mean committed to marriage. That little piece of elastic with some lace around it must have been cursed or something because you should watch the guys scramble AWAY from it. Again I find humor and entertainment in this. At my wedding the garter was going straight to my brother he quickly picked up my little bother (who was seven at the time) and held him up so he could catch it. Not to be nice but because he didn't want it. I have to find that photo its a great shot.

It talked about large wedding parties and matching dresses needing to be out. Well I don't know about this. I like when all the girls line up and match each other. I also like when they all have the same color but a different dress that fits their body style just right. As for the number...I think its a matter of what every bride feels fits them and the location of their wedding. There is nothing wrong with five or six bridesmaids if there is room for them all at the alter. Now if you only have that many because you feel you have to invite every single female relative to stand with you and your best friends from high school on, then we might have a little talk. That talk would be for your sanity nothing else. Bridesmaids are great. Some of them also are more work then you have time for and too many might mean too much work.

I think every ones wedding needs to be just that...Their wedding. The wedding you dream about. Maybe you want a vintage wedding with styles and traditions form the seventies, or a more casual picnic feel in a garden, or something modern and void of all wedding traditions. Those things need to be about you. Its your day, and you can do whatever you want for it.

Oh and if Aunt Mary is sitting at the table shaking her head that she can't believe you did or did not do something. Send one of the groomsmen to force her to dance the Hokey Pokey of Electric Slide get her a drink and not let it ruin your day. At family reunions she most likely wont remember a thing anyway.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish those of you reading a very Happy mothers day. For those that are veteran moms I salute you. I have only had four years of motherhood and I can see that each year is a battle that is only won in the little steps of growth and successes that our children make. How you have fought years of those battles I don't know.

To those mom who are like me, somewhat experienced, I offer you a toast. I lift my diet coke to you because I know if like me you need the caffeine just to get through the morning, afternoon, evening... I am grateful for my friends that are raising their children with me and remind me "this too shall pass" just when I need to hear it.
To the new moms. Those holding your little ones for your first mothers day ever. Congratulations. Don't worry your a mom now you don't need as much sleep as you thought you did. You will forget your tired when you get your first smile, and with every little accomplishment they reach. Hold on to these moments and tuck them away. You will need them to get through their toddler years (and I hear later in their teens as well).
To those soon to be moms. You are moms just like the rest of us. I send a prayer out to you for safe deliveries and healthy babies soon to enter this world.
For those that are just starting down the path to start a family I offer you encouragement. Those of you who want to be moms but have not conceived your child yet, remember that their is just the right time for everyone. You will conceive your child when the Lord knows you are ready, or will place your child in your life right when they need you the most like he did for us with our children (If you don't know our adoption story and want to let me know).
To my Mother In Law I say Thank you for raising the wonderful man that is my husband. He is the best thing in my life and without him I would not be the person I am. He supports me in my decision to run a business out of our home and be home with the children when they are out of school. You gave me a good man. Thank you.
Finally to my mother. Who will most likely not read this. Thank you and I love you. I never appreciated all you did for me until now. Being a mom and working is two full time jobs. Never once growing up did I feel neglected or not well taken care of. You were there for me when I needed you. You made work fit into our schedule and not conflict. We played sports and were in Scouts and did what we wanted to do. You offered me sound guidance that has put me in a place to be the parent I am today to my children. You have always supported me even when I was a music and theatre major. Never discouraging me with where would a degree in one of those really take me. You let me grow and make mistakes but picked me up and kissed my scrapes when I didn't make the best choices so thank you mom.
(Above Me and my mom at Christmas this past year).
Happy Mothers Day All!!!

Stress Free Baby

Yes our first official Stress Free Events Baby has arrived.
Baby Curry or Desmond was born to Michelle and Jimi yesterday. He was 10 pounds 9 ounces and delivered by C-section after labor was not progressing. He is just beautiful. Jimi is currently overseas so Michelle had a good friend in the operating room with her. Jimi should be home by the end of the year to hold his precious guy.

Way to Go Michelle and Congrats to both of you on this beautiful not exactly little guy.
Here is their wedding photo and then a couple of beautiful Desmond.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kelly and Darryl May 2nd

Kelly found a lot of inspiration from one of my other brides. In fact we were at the same venue with a similar color scheme. I always worry that I will end of up copy cat weddings when using the same venue and colors, but that was not the case at all. This wedding was definitely not that the other and was another fabulous job by the couple in the planning.

Decorations were in shades of pink. Pink round paper lanterns hung over the back porch. Tables were draped in black with pink napkins. One of the money saving ideas this bride used was to reuse her ceremony decorations. She placed galvanized buckets of flowers at the ends of the pews. After the ceremony we moved those from the pews to the centers of each of the tables. They were perfect for both. The night was filled with fun, food, friends, family, and dancing. They were so happy and so much fun to work with. And now for the behind the scenes credits. I know that Kelly blogs and will most likely put her reviews up there and I can link you to that once she gets back from her honeymoon. So I will just name the ones I know about and if I think about it some general thoughts.

Venue: Star Hill Ranch Adam is always such a joy to work with.

My assistant: Nery Lauderdale-bravely volunteered to climb the ladder to hang lanterns when I realized I was too short. She was almost too short as well, but the husband of one of the bridesmaids came to the rescue and saved the day.

Make Up: Make up by Adrienne. Kelly looked great so that should be all that needs to be said. I do enjoy her work.

Pre-Wedding Food: Tea Sandwiches and a deli tray from Central market. They were missing the garnish tray when i went to pick it up, but they gave me one from another party not coming in for pick up for another hour so she had time to make another one for them. It looked good.

Rentals, Set-Up, and Catering: All Handled by Dagars. They showed up earlier than planned in order to make sure things were set up in time in the chapel area.

Iron Cross: Mancino Iron Rentals

Floral: Visual Lyrics

Photography: Inked Fingers. Carli and her husband did great at getting all they could before the wedding so that once it was all over they were able to get some whole family shots and such and were done. It took them very little time at all. They also experimented with some HD Video as well. I saw a little clip on the blog and can't wait for more.

Ceremony Music: Mark Cruse

Cocktail Hour was appetizers with a coke and dr. pepper car set up on the wagon. Dagars took care of all this.

Cocktail and Reception Music: Byrne Rock I love working with Byrne and I can't wait for our next wedding together. I can't say enough about him. His new second in command, Ryan, was with him. I look forward to working with him in the near future as well.

Cakes: The Cake Pan

I will have to get with Kelly to find out where she bought the sparklers. They were the easiest to light and lasted the longest I have ever seen. I liked them a lot.

Shuttle for guest: Carey Limo services part of the limo company below

Get Away Car: Antique Limos of Austin. There was a miscommunication on the pick up time, but they worked out a solution so we had a wonderful car when it was time for our happy couple to say goodnight.
I will add any vendors I might have missed as I go back over the day. And once Carli get photos up on her blog I will link you to those as well.