Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Should I really be spending this much?

Weddings are not cheap. Or from a previous post I should say inexpensive. I had a long talk today with a family that is planning a wedding for next July. They are having a hard time justifying even having a wedding at all in this economy. They really considered just getting married in the pastors office with their parents and all go out for a nice meal. They said that they are just afraid of what ifs. While planning the wedding now they have money, but if anyone that is helping with the wedding looses a job is it worth the money they are putting out.

I can see the trouble they are having. In one week I will celebrate my one year anniversary from loosing my full time job of eight years. I was not expecting to loose that job, but I did. Its worked out for me, but what about planning a big event like a wedding? Should you really spend that money?

First make a budget of what you can afford now. Not what you hope to make over the next year. This way you are spending money you have.

Then highlight the items on that list that are must haves. Like your wedding planner/Coordinator :-) I kid a little. A good planner will save you money in the long run, but that's your call. Do photographs mean the world to you? Then mark it and know that is one place you won't scrimp on. At the same time maybe you are happy wearing any old dress and a family member has one just your style you can have or buy for cheap.

Then looking at that list decide what are non-essentials. One place brides are saving money is favors. Why have them? To thank your guests sure, but if you have to cut your budget this might be someplace you can make some wiggle room.

Give yourself time. If its not too late and your date is not set yet, try to give yourself at least a year. Why? Because you can buy things in season rather then out and spread your decoration purchases over many months. Also take advantage of after holiday sales. And give yourself time to shop for a deal.

Consider how much you can do yourself to save some money or what amazing talented family members you have. My mom made my wedding cake and it was as nice as anything i could have bought and I think it tasted better. Oh and we decided against a grooms cake just to save some money.

Be prepared and have a plan B. So you do get the news someone has lost a job, what now? Have a plan B that if this happens what is the option you have. It might not be perfect but what can you choose to do now that its happened. If you plan this before the time comes you can be prepared and not have to worry about it when you are in the midst of that new stress.

I hope and pray no one has to face this, but even in this economy with jobs coming and going its okay to still want your party, just make sure its one you can afford.

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