Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jennifer and Michael 4-11-09

This was a great wedding. Another one where the groom was very involved in the planning. In fact he was the one that called me. Jennifer and Michael live out of state and were planning a wedding in Austin that would host friends and family from 15 different states. They kept things very personal. Michale's brother performed the ceremony. I also thought the champagne toast at the end of the ceremony was great.

Here is the breakdown.

Stress Free Staff Present: Becky, Nery, Susan, and Dawn (Thanks Girls for all your hard work. Nery not sure how you always end up at the popcorn machine but you bag popcorn so well)

Ceremony Music: Mike Valliere (looking for guitarist check him out I was very impressed. I have his contact information somewhere. I am still looking for it. He did a great job. He has a great voice as well.)

Reception Music: Stretch Sound JT came through. He was hired to host the sound system and Jennifer and Michael would play their music from their Ipods. The week of the wedding Jennifer asked him to play for a couple of hours after all and he was more then willing. I think he ended up playing all night. I saw them rocking the night away several times.
Photographer: Adrienne Annas this was my first time with wok with Adrienne and I really enjoyed working with her.

Food: Prepared by Rudy's BBQ (served by Stress Free Staff)

Personal Flowers: Westbank Flower market

Check back soon for links to the above vendors.

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Adrienne said...

Great post! Michael was also the one to contact me!