Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Fired!

Yep that is in essence what one of my brides heard recently from her DJ.

Did he fire her (ok cancel her contract) because she was too demanding, wanted too many personal request, wouldn't let him put his cards out? wouldn't let him play the hokey poky and chicken dance? Refused to let him have a tip jar? No.

He said he could not work with her because she told someone he was cheap. Her wedding is still eight months away and I am sure she will find a new DJ (I am willing to pull out the stops to help her here) but this is crazy. Here is how I understand it happened.

She posts on the local chat rooms of a popular national wedding planning website. She tells everyone that she did not want to pay an arm and a leg for a DJ, and she found a great cheap DJ. She said positive things about him and recommended him to other brides on that board.

What happened next is a little sketchy and if my bride wants to post clarification feel free, but I otherwise will keep your identity secret. He either heard of this post from another bride or he was reading the posts on this board. Which is tacky anyway its a place where brides go to get honest opinions on vendors and so they talk openly, I remember I was on there once, but I avoid it now for their privacy. So he reads where my bride post that he is cheap. He goes off in email on a tirade about how much he spends on his equipment and this and that and if she thinks he is cheap he can't work with her.

I say good riddance. We live in an economy where every little bit counts and we want to save where and when we can. As a bride planning her wedding I know you want a good deal. You want professionals that are good and inexpensive. Sometimes we use the word cheap its easier to type :-) I as a planner know when a bride has a budget. I know where their priority items are and where their we have to have it, but lets get the best price we can items are. I have looked for and used "cheap" vendors in the past. Hey if it wasn't for cheap vendors I would have never had the wedding I had seven years ago. I understand having pride in what you do, and not wanting to be tacky, but cheap is not a bad word and I read her post it was positive and recommended him. We all charge what we charge because its what we can afford to charge for whatever reason. I feel he should have been glad to be getting a shout out at all. Now his name is mud on those boards and its hard to recover from that.

I was teasing with the wedding party at my last wedding. They were talking about hiring me for another event and I said yeah, hey look me up, I'm Cheap. They corrected me and said no not cheap just a bargain. I liked that. I also say I am an investment with a good return for those into the financial things. Still I know that I am not the most expensive coordinator/planner out there. I know that I am good at what I do. So if you want to post about me on a major wedding website and say I am Cheap then go ahead. Just don't say I'm trashy then we might have words :-)

And now I leave you with some alternative words and phrases in case you want to avoid telling someone they are cheap. Found Here

Main Entry: cheap
Synonyms: at a bargain, bargain, bargain-basement, bargain-counter, bought for a song, budget, buy, cheapo, competitive, cost next to nothing, cut-price, cut-rate, depreciated, dime a dozen, easy on the pocketbook, economical, half-priced, irregular, low tariff, low-cost, low-priced, lowered, marked down, moderate, nominal, on sale, popularly priced, real buy, reasonable, reduced, sale, slashed, standard, steal, uncostly, undear, utility, worth the money
cheap means relatively low in price or charging low prices,

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