Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Fired Update

Well in sharing my Brides story I think we have a solution already found. Another DJ I am working with out of Austin has offered her his services and is traveling to San Antonio for the wedding. He has offered her a deal on his services. Yep he is working this for free. Now the couple has to meet with him still wot work out details and make sure they mesh, but I have a feeling that won't be a problem. So for a few days of stress about this and some wonderful generosity I think that the problem is solved and the bride and groom with be in great shape. Once everything is in place for sure I will reveal the DJ that is fixing the problem.
Oh and I have found out this was not the first couple he canceled on because of the same thing. SO he really needs to find a better way to do business, or get out of business. You have to have a little bit of thick skin in the wedding business and you have to know that in Central Texas there is lots of competition and yet its still small enough that people talk.

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