Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To ME and my wonderful husband.

Its been seven years (4/27/02) that we got married. I can honestly say that I would do it all over again. We did not have all the bells and whistles that some weddings have now, but we are not bells and whistles people. The goal of the day was to marry the man I was so in love with. To this day I have to say I am still so in love with him. We fuss with each other, we fight, we disagree, but we also love, laugh, play, sing, and support each other. I promise you that I am who I am partially because of having Allen in my life. He also is the reason this company, Stress Free Events is so successful. He encourages me to do what I need to do and what I enjoy doing. I love that.

So let me see if I can recap some of the wedding planning from seven years ago.

Okay it was a DIY wedding to an extent, but those who know me well are not surprised. I know what I want and have a way of making it happen. I am pretty crafty. I wanted simple so it was easy.

The Rehearsal Dinner: This was one of those things that was almost better then the wedding day (almost). After a run through we went out to a friends house out in the country. Those with trucks hauled tables and chairs from the church. My dad bar b qued and a friend of the families who used to be a Cajun caterer made all the sides. I begged for some dirty rice and he did not disappoint. I remember my grandfather prayed before the meal and it was so sweet I teared up. After dinner my soon to be husband had been practicing for months to sing a few songs with a little band made up of him my brother and two of my brothers friends. He even did a song that he wrote for me. I teared up again. After the dinner we went back and dropped of the chairs at the church and my grandfather asked me to meet him at the hotel he wanted to give me my gift early. He gave me a full set of china (over 12 place settings) that was given to him and my grandmother for their wedding. He saw I did not register for China and hoped I would enjoy it. And I have.

The Day of the Wedding:

It started early with me fixing hair for my sister and soon to be sister in law and then to get my hair done at head west salon in San Marcos.

The ceremony was at Calvary Baptist Church. And the reception was there as well.

Unity Candle was a gift and made by my friend Gail Daniels.

My bridesmaids were in Navy.

Church was decorated otherwise with garlands and candles I got at craft store.

Flowers Huge arrangements and personal flowers bigger then I imagined were from another friend Joe with Flowers and Friends. I was so happy with them.

All food was provided by Sam's and HEB and friends and family helped set it up.

Tables had simple white cloths on them with ivy bowls with yellow floating candles in them.

My cake was made by my mother. It was three tiers with queens anne lace and yellow roses.

Allen created all the music and put it together on the computer. My brother set up a sound system to play it on.

I know I am missing details but its because now they don't matter. I just know now that seven years ago, I married the best man out there. I am blessed by such a wonderful husband, who took me out to dinner last night (and only texted about the NFL draft choices once or twice) and a movie and then stayed home today from church with one of our kids that was not quite himself. Yep I love that man of mine.

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Stacy Cross said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and congratulations on 7 happy and healthy years of marriage! I know exactly how you feel when you talk about how much you love Allen . . . we are such lucky girls. Here's to many more years of wedding bliss!