Thursday, June 11, 2009

Need your help.

I got a voice mail this afternoon from a Bride by the name of Jennifer with her wedding next year in Austin. She is not from the Austin area it sounds like. I think she was calling from a cell phone because her number is completely garbled. I have tried listening to it all over the house and outside and down the street all the places my phone works great and its the same thing, so I think its on her end. I would love to talk to her, but without a number I can't.
So how can you help?
Well if you know Jennifer and told her about me then please call her and let her know what happened or pass on her number to me.
If you happen to see a post on one of the web-boards about a Jennifer looking for a wedding planner/Coordinator let her know somehow that I did not get her number. (i know my Knot brides and Wedding Bee Brides talk about me off and on not sure of any other boards that my name is being mentioned.
If you are Jennifer and following my blog please call me back or email me and let get together. I do want to talk to you.

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