Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

While I know he was not the only icon to pass away yesterday. While my sympathies go out to the Facett family and friends I was not a Charlies Angels fan (I was young when it was out). MJ was a hit while I was growing up. I danced and sang his songs all through my childhood and teens. I think it would be hard to find someone that has never tried to moon walk or a few of the thriller moves. Don't try to visualize me moon walking it was not good. I am not happy with the choices he made later in life but its still a part of my childhood gone. So to his family and children I hope this all gets settled soon and they can move on and learn to live without him.

On a side note my husband is hoping the rumors are true that he willed Paul McCartney the Beatles catalog he bought some time back.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid MJ lost the rights when Bank of America (rumored) took control to pay a debt. Michael had apparently used the catalog for collateral

Becky said...

that may be. My husband said he has heard these rumors too, but something about he held on to a chunk of the publishing rights. I don't understand it all. I guess in the months and years to come it will all come to light.