Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gotcha Day

Four years ago today a white SUV pulls up into our driveway. Inside that SUV was the most precious cargo in the world that was being delivered to my door. There was a sweet smiling little boy and a tiny precious little girl. These two children had started life out a little rougher than others. They were both in the foster care system here in our state. After a long journey through the system there was finally a family that was perfect for them. Ours. I loved these two the moment I saw them a few weeks before. I knew that our journey to be parents was going to be over in these two children. In the past four years there have been ups and downs but even the trials I have never once regretted becoming a parent.
God forms families in so many ways. My children were carried in another woman’s womb. A woman that was not able to care properly for them. But while in her womb the Lord had his hand on these children. He knew there was a family waiting for them and kept the effects of drugs and alcohol of the mother away from them.
I look at my kids so silly and so goofy and so loving, and I have to praise the Lord for everyday I have with them. While they have always been special this last year has been wonderful. My kids have grown out so much this year. Their personalities are so much fun now. My daughter has a comeback for everything and being small still it’s funny to hear. My son has done so much better in school and I see so much of my husband in him. They both have Allen’s love for music and can sing songs all day long.
There are many more years to this journey. I am glad to celebrate gotcha day today with my kids.
(Gotcha= the day we got you)

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Anonymous said...

Someone that can be a mommy, to someone that needs a mommy... is the best mommy of all.