Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rachel and Justin June 13th 2009

Well by this time you are probally tired of Star Hill Weddings, but let me just say that its such a great venue and I love working out there. I am so glad my brides that have picked it have found me and let me be a part of their special day out there. Adam the owner out there is so great. I can't thank him enough for all he did to make this wedding special. He really went above and beyond. One thing that I love is how versital the venue is. Every wedding I have done out there has been diffrent from the next. I don't like doing cookie cutter of copy cat weddings. There may be some aspects that are similar or overlap here and there, but all in all I want every wedding to be its own adventure and I was a little worried when I found out I would have three weddings out there in about a month apart from each other. Other than wishing I have rented a vacation house for the week as often as I have been there this last week I am loving being out there.
Rachel and Justin were such a cute couple. They got ready out at SHR and took some photos before heading over to the church.
After a short wait and guest were seated the family began to make its entrance and then the Bridal party. Finally all eyes were on the back doors that were decorated with two beautiful wreaths from the Last Petal (who did all the floral work for the wedding and reception). The doors opened for all to see Rachel. She was just glowing.

I headed back to SHR to make sure all the details were ready. Some last minute clean up of boxes and we were ready for the guest. Pink Avacado had all the drinks and appitizers ready. Krissys Cakes had their beautiful cakes in place. My staff (thanks Nery and Synda) had the drapes hung centerpeices on candy bar set up family photos put out and everything was ready to go.

As the first guest showed up Fred with encore entertainment had the music going in the street the school house and some in the bar as well.
Lisa with Now and Then photography and her husband and secod shooter got there with the guest pretty quickly and snapped a few more family and bridal party shots before we kicked the night off.
I had a great time and I think the could and family did as well.

Other vendors: Olden Lighting, Premiere Rentals, RR Limobus, Makeup and Hair, Specs if I have missed anyone please let me know my mind is in allergy fog today.
Photo post soon to follow

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