Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fake or Not?

I have been reading several blogs (sorry its just a bad habit) and noticing a trend in questions. Fake or Not? What do I mean by this? Here are some of the questions.

Should I get a fake tan before the wedding?

Should I get fake nails before the wedding?

Should I get fake eyelashes for the wedding?

These are the three I see the most. Here are my thoughts on all this. First your fiance asked you to marry him with pasty skin, chewed nails and short eyelashes. So he probably does not care what you do on the wedding day as long as you are there for the wedding and honeymoon. My thoughts on the tanning is this. As a pasty girl myself I can understand the desire for a little glow on your big day. That is fine, but don't tan too close to the date itself. If you have never done a spray tan before do not try it the first time on the dark setting a day before the wedding. Spray tanning takes time to build up and get used to. I suggest a month or two before starting this and then stop about three days before to a week so you have time to even out any mistakes if you got any in the last spay. I don't recommend over the counter sprays or tanners. These have gotten so much better over the years but without an expert hand your chances of streaking are high. Also your make up matches your skin tone. If you plan on tanning make sure you make up still matches.

Onto the fake nails. I can't say much about this because as I type I have on my solar nails. I love the look of the long nails and I use my hands so much that I beat my natural nails up. But things to consider. They look best the first time you put them on before any fills. So consider getting them done a day or two before the wedding (you have time because you have quit tanning, remember). Also leave the color off. Go with the natural or french look, it keeps from distracting away from the ring you are about to put on that left hand. If you have good even strong nails don't mess with the fakes. They damage your natural nail in the long run. I wore them for my wedding and was glad because I did not have to worry the day before about my nails and could do whatever I needed to get done. Down side to the nails. You have to fill them every two weeks. So if you are going to be gone for a long honeymoon you might have some trouble with them, unless the hotel you are at has a saloon that can do fills for you.

The eyelashes well I just never liked them. I have short lashes, but with some good mascara I don't think I was in danger of my eyes looking bad on my wedding day. Wear them before the day to make sure you are not allergic to the glue and comfortable with them. If at all possible have a professional put them on.

OK that's my opinions. For today.

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