Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I really need a logo

I love my website. The fonts are perfect. So this is not about that, but its more about my cards and promotional items. I want to start getting some promotional items and everything I see has a logo. I just can't think of anything. I have sketched, doodled, and played with this for a very, very long time. I want something simple that can be easily put on stationary, cards, pens, shirts, etc. At the same time I want it to have staying power. I don't want to get board of it in a year and start all over again. I have thought about having a contest to see if any of my brides, friends, family, and general followers might have an idea, but alas I can't even think a prize to offer for the contest. Maybe a t-shirt or polo with the new logo on it? Okay would anyone even want that? Well if anyone has any ideas for a logo let me know. We will work out the prize or compensation later. Oh and my other dilemma do I focus on weddings which is most of what I do or something more generic to encompass my other events? Maybe I need two a wedding one and an other events. Wait that's getting crazy. okay enough late night ramblings.

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