Sunday, March 1, 2009

On a Very Personal Note

I wanted to share with you all that I am still here I am still working and any upcoming weddings are not in jeopardy I will be there as promise. I have been a little less talkative this week though. My grandfather has lived a long life. The last few years have been riddled with Alzheimer's. He ended up in the hospital a month ago from it (he became uncontrollably violent). This week he took a turn for the worse. He will not be making. We have removed all life supporting efforts and just waiting and spending every moment we can with him. I was there today for seven hours with my mom, and two brothers and sister in law. My mom ended up staying and one of us will be there until he passes. We expect that to me in the next few days. So if I don't reply to an email as fast as usual I apologize. If you have something that needs immediate attention please call my cell 512-945-5459 I will most likely welcome the distraction. We are prepared for his passing. We will be fine. Tears will be shed as they already have been, but we know we have to go on with our daily lives. If we have meetings planned I will be there unless I have called you to tell you otherwise. I appreciate your understanding. Oh and that's him at Christmas in the photo.


Stacy said...

So sorry to hear you're going through this. Praying for a peaceful and comfortable passing for him and comfort for your entire family.

Emily C said...

I'm so sorry Becky. My thoughts are with you and your family.