Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vendor Spotlight

I have had the chance to work with Lisa Woods and she really is amazing. I have several photographers that I could introduce you to (and will) but I wanted to start with Lisa. I asked her to tell me about herself and share with me some fun photos she wanted me to share and this is what she told me. Visit her website here.

I have always known that I wanted to do something in the art world. At first I thought it would be interior design, after spending a year in college studying interior design I decided I needed to rethink my options. I went to Oxford England to study abroad my second year and went all over Europe traveling around taking pictures of anything and everything! The ability to capture beauty that was already there became a drive and an outlet for my creative mind. It wasn't until after having my two kiddos that I had the desire to actually make money at doing something I loved so much. I owe everything to my creator without whom I would not have the courage and strength to deal with all that is involved in owning your own business. I also am so thankful for my husband and kids, it is their constant encouragement and love that keeps me going even when things get tough.

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