Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love the one your With

Okay here it is. You are in the middle of planning your big day. You have sent your wedding planner five emails today. And will send them another ten tomorrow. Your wedding date is fast approaching and you have not finished the seating charts, the programs, the table numbers, and you have not heard from the photographer in a month. Your head is swimming with wedding to do's but right now you need to take a breath. Take a step back and remember what you are doing. You are not just planning a wedding. You are starting a marriage. How would that marriage be if when you got to the alter your soon to be spouse said, "Hi, I'm Bill your fiance, nice to see you again."

In all your crazy hectic wedding planning you need to remember the ones that you are doing this for. You and your fiance. So right now. Get off the blog and send your honey a special little love note in his email, or a text. Call him. Plan on fixing him a nice dinner this week. Or going out for dinner. Dress up. Send Flowers, cookies, o candy to their work (ladies men like their co-workers to know they are loved too). Take a moonlit walk. Go to a concert. It doesn't matter but find some time to spend together.

Oh and one rule YOU MAY NOT TALK ABOUT WEDDING PLANS FOR THE WHOLE DATE. Yep you can do it. I know you can. Talk about why you love each other and if you must how happy you are to be getting married but no talk of tulle, taffeta, flowers, favors, or vendors. You can do it. Oh and let me know how the dates go. I hope to hear you were able to relax. You will find the rest of the planning and projects will get done.

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Stacy Cross said...

Such a great suggestion! It's so important to remind yourselves of what this is all really about - a marriage. :)