Monday, March 16, 2009

Its getting busy

Okay ladies wedding season is here. I have weddings or events of some kind just about every weekend the next few months. I will be getting to all of your weddings as soon as I can. I have to get details on the weddings coming up first so it may take a day or two to get to your question if your wedding is not that upcoming weekend. I will still get to you as soon as possible and well before you need an answer. Keep me in the loop via email and phone calls. I have had a few slow months and have been able to respond to emails at the drop of a hat, and I will try that as much as possible, but some days I know it won't be and would rather give you all a heads up now and not surprise you later or you think I forgot about you. I love all of you and want your days to be amazing so don't worry we will get it all done.

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