Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wild West Birthday Party

Today was the Wild West Birthday Party. This party was for my son who turned 7 and my daughter who turned 5. They share a birthday and thus share a birthday party. I know a day will come that my diva (I mean daughter) will decide she needs her own party.

This was defiantly one I would say was a successful party. We have the curse of the Spring Break birthday so attendance is usually low and a lot of family.

The Details

Kids were dressed in Cowboy costumes we found at Cracker Barrel.

Every child that came got a cowboy/cowgirl hat.

We had a ring toss game out side and the swing set. Kids played there as we waited for everyone.

We played a round of lasso the cows. Its chase. The cowboy is it and has to chase the other player (cows) around with a hula hoop and once caught they are it. It worked well.

Eventually the kids just played with the hula hoops and ran in the yard or played in the kids rooms

We ate (hot dog bar, Slider Burger Bar, chips, fruit, veggies)

Had Cup cakes (i made 140 mini cupcakes-chocolate, carmel, and lemon).

Played some more and opened gifts and played some more.

Allen ended up outside on the porch playing guitar. Until then we had country music playing as many old songs as we could find.

I had more games planned, but the kids were playing so well together that I didn't want to disrupt that. They had fun and that was key.

Oh each child went home with a goody bag for the trail A red bandana filled with a juice box, beef jerky, goldfish crackers, playdoh, sheriff badges. The kids handed these out to the guest after they opened their gifts and said thank you to everyone as they handed them the trail bags.

Here are some photos of the day. (will add some more tomorrow my system is uploading really slow).

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