Thursday, March 5, 2009

He is Gone

It was a long battle but my grandfather is done fighting and can rest now. He passed this afternoon. I am working tomorrow and saturday afternoon. After my saturday wedding we will have a small family only memorial at my mothers house and large family meal. Sunday and Monday I will be available by email and phone for emergencies, but I am going to take those days to visit with family coming in from out of town and processing everything I need to process. Thank you all for your kind words and support this week as its been hard, but I am blessed that I had him this long.


Alexis said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Thoughts and prayers are with you. If you need any help on Saturday please let me know. I know how difficult it is to work when you are in pain...

Becky said...

Thanks Alexis
The wedding Saturday is for decoration and set up only so it won't be hard. Top that off with the fact that I do better staying busy then sitting around. I appriciate your offer. I have never missed a wedding and my family planned service arrangements around my weekend knowing how important this day is for my couple.