Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish those of you reading a very Happy mothers day. For those that are veteran moms I salute you. I have only had four years of motherhood and I can see that each year is a battle that is only won in the little steps of growth and successes that our children make. How you have fought years of those battles I don't know.

To those mom who are like me, somewhat experienced, I offer you a toast. I lift my diet coke to you because I know if like me you need the caffeine just to get through the morning, afternoon, evening... I am grateful for my friends that are raising their children with me and remind me "this too shall pass" just when I need to hear it.
To the new moms. Those holding your little ones for your first mothers day ever. Congratulations. Don't worry your a mom now you don't need as much sleep as you thought you did. You will forget your tired when you get your first smile, and with every little accomplishment they reach. Hold on to these moments and tuck them away. You will need them to get through their toddler years (and I hear later in their teens as well).
To those soon to be moms. You are moms just like the rest of us. I send a prayer out to you for safe deliveries and healthy babies soon to enter this world.
For those that are just starting down the path to start a family I offer you encouragement. Those of you who want to be moms but have not conceived your child yet, remember that their is just the right time for everyone. You will conceive your child when the Lord knows you are ready, or will place your child in your life right when they need you the most like he did for us with our children (If you don't know our adoption story and want to let me know).
To my Mother In Law I say Thank you for raising the wonderful man that is my husband. He is the best thing in my life and without him I would not be the person I am. He supports me in my decision to run a business out of our home and be home with the children when they are out of school. You gave me a good man. Thank you.
Finally to my mother. Who will most likely not read this. Thank you and I love you. I never appreciated all you did for me until now. Being a mom and working is two full time jobs. Never once growing up did I feel neglected or not well taken care of. You were there for me when I needed you. You made work fit into our schedule and not conflict. We played sports and were in Scouts and did what we wanted to do. You offered me sound guidance that has put me in a place to be the parent I am today to my children. You have always supported me even when I was a music and theatre major. Never discouraging me with where would a degree in one of those really take me. You let me grow and make mistakes but picked me up and kissed my scrapes when I didn't make the best choices so thank you mom.
(Above Me and my mom at Christmas this past year).
Happy Mothers Day All!!!

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