Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow, what a month.

I am happy to report that you my trusted Brides...Past, and present are the best. I have been a little lazy on my craigslist advertising on my services. I was just so busy with moving and the holidays. I thought I am never going to make my goal this year if I let these weeks go and don't advertise and get out and network some more. Well yesterday made my year and its not even the end of January. I had a meeting planned for last night with a new prospective bride. I asked her how she heard about me. She tells me my brides on the knot told her. Great. Then I check my emails I get an email from someone that I talked to earlier in the week over the phone with a confirmation that they are booking a wedding with me. Then there is another email that leads to a phone call. Talking to this Bride she heard about me from my past brides. Then while on that call I get another call it goes to voice mail. I call them back its another bride and she was referred to me from the girls on the knot. I don't know if the last two will book or not, but let me tell you it pleases me beyond words. This means that you have enjoyed working with me as much as I have with you, and that you are telling others. I am three weddings away from my annual goal set for this year (If I meet my 5 year goal this year in year 3 I might just have to have a big party for all of you).
Now with all that January and February are traditionally slow months. This is the exception this year. I don't have weddings booked, well not anything large (a reception for a friend this saturday). But I need to meet with lots of you all for meetings in the next week to month. So I will be setting some specific times with all of you. Be looking for emails on what works for us both. I am going to try and have some office hours of sorts where I will be in one place south to centrally located and hope to meet several of you over the course of a day. But if that time doesn't work we will work something out. So I am pouring over the schedules and starting to get these dates out to you in the next day or two.
Stress Free Brides hang on this is going to be a great year.
Oh and look for my inventory items coming soon. I almost have it all together. Shh don't tell my husband I ran away to Hobby Lobby today and picked up a few more things just to have on hand. He thinks the wedding items are going to run us out of storage at the house but I have a friend with an empty office that is going to be loaning it out to me to store things.
Again all that to say. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

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