Friday, January 9, 2009

Wedding COlors

Okay so you have decided on your wedding colors. You based them off your favorite color, the theme of your wedding, the season of your wedding, and that funky dress your mom wore at her wedding when white and weddings were totally not groovy. So now what do you do with these colors? Where to they go. When is too much? Do the shades matter? Do you have too many colors to work with? Good questions. I have seen good and bad use of color over the years, and I try to fend off the bad before it happens, but sometimes there is not helping if your mind was made up. So let think about it before it goes out of hand.

Where do I use the colors? Before the wedding day even starts you can start incorporating your colors into your wedding. From save the date cards, to invitations, to thank you notes for your showers. You can also include them on your wedding website or blog if you have one set up. These items help set the tone and feel for the whole wedding. A simple red bow on the invitations brings out the red in your red and black formal event for example.

At the wedding ceremony the colors can be tied into decorations on signs directing guests to your wedding. You can use it in the decorations on the doors to the ceremony or gates to a garden reception. Use the colors in bows and ribbons on pews and chairs and in the flowers and arrangements of flowers. At the reception use it in table decorations with over lays or table runners. In the centerpieces. On the cake. In lighting. There is no limit where you can put the color in your reception.

When is too much? Well this is a personal opinion but I don't think every surface should be covered in your color. I went to one event that was shades of pink. It was a sweet sixteen party I was invited to so I was not prepared for what I saw. I walking in and there was soft pink draped over all the walls with hot pink accent drapes. Three colors of pink for table cloths with pink bows on the backs of pink chair covers. They had pink lighting. Pink on Pink cake. Pink Balloons and streamers. I was a bit dizzy and sick feeling when it was all said and done. Oh I forgot pink lemonade and pink salmon were on the menu as well. I think the color pink made me nauseous for a month after that anytime I saw it. Moderation is fine and people will still get the idea and feel and theme.

Do shades matter? Yes. Take green for example you can have a muted green or a bright green depending on the shade. One will give you a deep winter feel the other an Irish spring feel. And they don't look good up against each other. Also when using two different colors consider the shades and make sure they compliment each other. Hot pink and bright green are very popular together. They are similar in how bright they are. Soft pink and Sage Green can work together in some situations nicely, But soft pink and bright green didn't even work in the eighties (a decade when all colors seemed to get put together).

Do you have too many colors to work with? Well depends on what you have picked. Most events I like to have one or two colors in the theme. This does not mean there are not other colors used in the event at all. Your colors may be Blue and Silver. Well this does not mean that you have to have blue and silver everywhere. You may have white table clothes and other white accents using the blue and silver to make it all pop, and pull it all together. Now If you are managing more then three colors for your wedding there is a chance that its a little too much. Not that those other colors are not great and they might make an appearance in your day they don't need to be in everything you do.

Also monochromatic color themes can be very nice. But again make sure its not a color your guest are going to be ill over. White on white is very classy and modern at the same time.

Get those color wheels and start planning.

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