Saturday, January 24, 2009

Floral Alternative

I ran across a blog and website of a very talented young lady recently. I emailed her to get some more information and let me just say that in that short time I can tell she is as nice and sweet as she is talented. Megan Hunt is Princess Lasertron. She uses vintage buttons, jewels and fabrics to make bouts and bouquets. I would have never imagined how cute these were until I saw them. I had to ask her about her prices, and let me just say I think she can do something to fit in just about any ones budget. She also sells individual stems of flowers so you could use those anywhere you wanted to tie them in (centerpieces, cake, etc). You can check out a large amount of her wedding work here. I hope to work with her soon. These pieces will last for generations to come and the sentimental pack rat that I am can see how this would be something I would be glad to pass on to my children and grandchildren, after years of enjoying them myself. I am trying to figure out where I need something like these in my house because I really love her work.

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