Thursday, January 1, 2009


While you might not thing of class and elegance when you think of oriental trading I wanted to pass on a like to their wedding stuff that they have on sale. I like the candles and such. I have a silver plated cake knife and server from my wedding that my mother got from them and it was engraved by them. It is very nice. engraving or personalization on most items is free right now.
here is the link.
I stopped at Target today (what else should I be doing on New Years Day?). I saw in their dollar bin glass hear shaped tea light or votive holders for a dollar each. They had clear glass, pink, and red. I wish I had my wallet with me so I could have picked up and wiped out the San Marcos Store. If glass hear holders are on your radar now might be the time to check out target.
Most the other craft stores have deals this week on Christmas Items, in an effort to clear out their stock. Check it out for things like lights and ribbons that you might want or need for your big day.

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