Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Man Behind the Scenes

Let me introduce you to the man that is behind the scenes. While you might see him at one of my weddings, most likely he is more often working for me sight unseen. This is my husband Allen. Oh and I know this is not his best picture but until he lets me take a better one this is what he gets. He not only encouraged me to actually put a name to my business and get it off the ground he has always supported me with it. He watches the kids for me, runs errands, and picks things up for me as needed. He is also on call as the manual labor for larger weddings where we need a lot of set up. He has run to pick up coffee and deliver it so that it arrived at the right time and hot. That is just the kind of guy he is. This company would not run as smoothly without him. Now for who he is. When not being the wonderful and supporting husband and excellent dad that he is he teaches Spanish to pre-schoolers and is the teaching assistant in a kindergarten classroom at a school in south Austin. He was born and grew up in Austin, until I drug him to San Marcos 7 years ago. So he is also my personal map quest when needing to find something in Austin. He is also a music fanatic. I tease that my husband has a mistress, and her name is music. He plays guitar and sings. He is also the man to have on your trivia team. He is full of useless knowledge (okay some of it is use full). He DJ's some with my brother and is great at it. It all goes back to his knowledge of music. So if you see him around thank him for his behind the scenes help. It takes those behind the scenes to make the rest happen.

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