Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Engaement Ring Scare

No it was not mine. I decided to clean out my car today after dropping off my daughter at school. It was a busy week last week, and we ate out more than in sadly. The results were drink cups, straw wrappers, and various toys all over the back seat. Not to mention dirt, and crumbs from who knows what. I swore that when I had kids I would not have a trashed out car, but who am I kidding its going to happen. That aside. I just got the last of the trash out when a young lady in a black SUV pulled up was frantically talking on her phone. She opened the side of the vacuum container at the car wash and started digging. She found it. She hung up was almost in tears and had that frantic breathing going. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was she had forgot she took her engagement ring off and put in the console of the car and vacuumed it up. Fortunately the place did not lock the vacuum and she got it back. I told her to breathe and calm down before she got back on the road and was glad she found her ring. Then I got into my car and left. A block away I kicked myself I never gave her my card, or even asked if she was planning a wedding. I was just so relieved for her that she found her beautiful ring. I guess its the case of the bride that got away. I should have offered her my services. Oh well at least she has her ring and lesson learned don't put your good jewelery in the console before vacuuming it out. So if anyone out there knows the bride that lost her ring at the Guadalupe Street car wash tell her to email me I owe her.

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