Monday, November 16, 2009

Silk Vs. Real

I will admit that I am a fan of the flower. I really love the look and feel and smell of real flowers. I will admit, also that I lean personally to real flowers. I have heard the various arguments over the years and I have seen some of the merit, but then would go back to my preference of the elegance of real flowers. I recently ran across an article on that addressed this issue. Here it is.
Not one thing that it does not address is time. While with Silk you have time to play with the flowers over and over again and get them just right, you actually might end up spending a lot of time on making your flowers. At the same time with a florist you put your flowers in the hands of a professional and take them off your plate for one less thing to worry about.

The choice is yours, its your wedding and you know what you can handle and want. Don't let someone tell you that one way is the only way. Also before making the final choice get a few floral quotes, and search online and at your local craft stores and price out the flowers and other supplies you would need to make your own arrangements.

First Photo by Ron Parks and features real flowers
Second Photo by Jess Watson and features silks

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