Friday, November 20, 2009

Kids Party Favors

I know that most of what I have on this blog is wedding related. I do more then just weddings, so i thought I should share some other fun stuff, like this. Kids Party Favors. I love favors at kids parties, but I like favors that I know kids will want and parents might not hate the host for. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

Music Mix CD

It can be a mix of your child's favorite songs, or based on a theme. If you are having a wild west cowboy party fill the CD with great western songs. You can play the CD during the party so the kids will take home something that will always remind them of your child's party.

Fun Foam

You can buy foam visors and other foam items with foam stickers for very little. This can be an activity at the party where kids can decorate these and then take them home. Pre-School girls seem to really like this.

Themed Books

Find books at half price books or on with the theme of your party and send one home. Kids and parents love books. I will say that I usually try to pair it with something edible because not every child is as thrilled about a book as the next. This could include activity books with crayons.

Goodie Bags

Make these to fit the theme of your party. My kids wild west party I took red bandannas and put in a sheriff badge some Teddy gram's, a juice box, some cowboy stickers, and a quick little thank you note. wrapped them up and tied with twine. For a pirate themed party consider a treasure chest. For a movie party Take popcorn bags or boxes and fill with microwave popcorn and sunglasses (for the superstars), and movie candy.

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