Thursday, November 19, 2009


I get alot of questions about invitations and thought I would take a few of them and address some common questions.

No Kids!

This is not saying that you don't like your friends and families children, but your wedding is not really an event planned for them in mind. You want your friends and family to come and have a great time and not worry how far past bedtime it is for their little one. But how do you let them know? I have been asked can I write "No Children" or "Adults Only" on the invitation. Its best for a formal invitation not to include these works. What you have to do is address the invitation very specifically only invite those you want to be there. If they send it back with their kids names on it, then call them and let them know that your wedding is not the place for kids. Also let your wedding party and imidiate family know your wishes and they can help pass on the word.

When do I address and send out my invitations?

Start at least two to three months before your wedding with addressing your invitations. Especially when hand addressing the invitations for a large guest list. Send them out six to eight weeks before the wedding. Ten weeks is best for overseas invitations or APO military addresses. Also give a little longer if your wedding is on a holiday weekend and you did not send out a save the date notice. Also if you have a limited number of guest you are inviting you can send out the first set of invitations around that ten week time frame and as you get replies of some that can't make it, you can send out another invition to someone else that you might have wanted but space did not allow.

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