Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

Well my husband and I took the kids over to my parents house for Thanksgiving. I decided the night before that we had not taken our Christmas photo yet, and so it was time. I scrambled to find clothes for everyone. So Thursday morning after breakfast I got the kids dressed and I went to get dressed and left the kids to watch the Macy's parade on TV. I am gone for 5 minutes and I hear the kids fussing at each other (not uncommon they are 3 and 5 and like to get each other going). I go and check on them and diffuse the situation.
My husband is ready so he goes to play referee and I go finish getting ready. We both spend the rest of the time trying to keep the kids clean. Finally we are out the door.
Its a 5 minute ride to my parents house. Somewhere along the way my youngest child gets something orange on her shirt. It's a fairly small spot on her tummy so I decide photo's anyway. We just have to put our hand over the spot. My sister is a senior in high school and taking a photography class so I ask her to take our pictures. At first my daughter doesn't want in the photo, because we won't let her stand on the stool. Then once we get that settled we proceed to take 30 photo's of those photo's everyone of them has something wrong with them. It's funny how annoyed my husband looks in them. I was there, he was not annoyed but it looks that way. Finally we have one or two we can work with. Then we head outside to take a couple of more.
It was cold. It is not usually cold in Austin for Thanksgiving, at least not this cold. We stand there trying not to look cold to get a couple of more photo's then we get some with the kids them selves. Finally as we are playing with the kids just before going inside my sister snaps a couple of other ones with the kids up in the air. Those are pretty fun too.
I have a slide show here that shows the photo's from the day.

After the photo session we went in the kids had cookies (yes it was before lunch but you try and keep them out of the sweets table that is set up in plain view).

My grandmother and grandfather that live next door came over shortly after that with more sweets. We had equal to a pie a person. On top of that there were cookies, fudge, and cupcakes.

We all pitched in and lunch and all the sides were ready at 1:30. We all ate more then we should like always and talked and laughed. After clearing the table we played cards and had a great time just hanging out with the family. I am glad my grandparents are here now to enjoy this with us.

(Blogger does not like my photo's right now. I will try to add the two photo's that made the Christmas card later today)

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