Monday, November 19, 2007

November the Slow

I have talked to several people (friends and colleagues) in the wedding industry and have found that it is not just me, but that November is just in general a slow month for weddings. I feel better knowing that.

I have decided not to let it get me down, but to let it get me motivated. I looked at my referral list and noticed I have many, many photographers that I can recommend and enjoy working with. Each one a little different from the other and some are a better fit for some couples then others. That is what I do, I get to know the photographers and then in getting to know the couple decide who will work best with them.

But then I looked at my list of bakeries. Well it was dismal at best. I have had several favorites, but over the past year things have happened and I have had to update the list. I had one bakery that after two negative customer service issues, I researched some more, and found out that it was not just me that was having problems. Their customer service is lacking. Its a shame the cakes are great. And then another of my favorite bakers moved out of town. (Any one getting married in Galveston let me know I have a name for you). And then another was a start up bakery. The cakes were great, and unique, they were fun to work with. They also were so cheap I just couldn't believe it. Well, it seems that their prices were too good to be true, they just didn't have the start up capital that they needed. Well with three bakeries off the list I need a few new cake and pastry contacts. So I made some calls, read some boards, talk to some colleagues, and well I came up with a list of 10 new bakeries that I would consider. I have been working this month on meeting with them all and tasting their cakes. Oh my this has got to be one of those perks you just don't get at every job. Free cake!! I am still in the process of weeding through the bakeries and individuals, but feel I have a better idea what is out there.

I have two weddings coming up in March I look forward to sharing those with you. One is a full on planning, and the other is a day of consultation. They will both be wonderful.

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