Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trey and Terri 12/21/07

This was such a wonderful couple to work with.
The couple decided that with their wedding being so close to Christmas that they would continue with that as the theme for their wedding.
The ceremony and reception were held at Balcones Country Club. This is a second trip for me to Balcones. The first time they hosted the reception only. This time they hosted the ceremony and reception. The guest in attendance numbered just over 80. I think this was the perfect size for this. Too many more and it would have been crowded.

As the guest entered there was a Christmas Tree next to the front door. On the opposite wall was a table set up. There was the guest book and pen. Centered in the table was a 3 foot tall Christmas tree. It was topped with a gold bow and decorated with red and gold ornaments.
Next to the tree on one side was a white and ivory box for cards and the other side had a white basket with gold ribbon on it, filled with bubbles each with a red or gold ribbon tied to it.

Once the guest entered they were seated in chairs that had ivory chair covers on them and gold sashes. At the end of every other row of chairs was a pomades made with wood rose buds in red, ivory and pinks. The front of the ceremony area had a arch that was covered in gold fabric green garland and lights. in the center of the arch was mounted a crystal and gold snowflake. Either side of the arch had one ivory pillar. Atop the brides pillar was one hobnail jar with sand in it. And a separate larger hobnail jar that was empty. On the grooms pillar there was a matching hobnail jar with sand in it and a gold paper funnel. These were all used for the sand ceremony.

In the second room each table was covered in ivory table cloths. Silver place settings and clear water goblets. The centerpieces were poinsettia plants each covered with gold paper. Around the plants were ivory candles. At each place setting was a clear box filled with red and green M&M's. each box was tied with gold ribbon and a red rose placed on top of it.

The cake was at one end of the room. The sweetheart table at the other end of the room, and the dance floor in the middle. The cake was put together by a substitute cake person as the first baker had a death in her family and had to attend to that. She arranged for this other baker. The order was close to correct. She did show up with out any of the flowers for the middle layers of the cake. It was a lack of communication between the two bakeries, that was easily fixed with a run to the closest store for some roses. I was able to arrange then quickly and before anyone arrived to see the otherwise naked cake (which was not what the bride wanted).

The ceremony went smoothly with Mike Reinhart serving as minister. He did a wonderful service and the couple could not have been happier with him.

The guest were treated to appetizers and drinks and serenaded to by a group of costumed Victorian Christmas carolers while the family took photo's.

When photo's were done we introduced the couple and dinner was served. Balcones did a wonderful job with the meal. Beef tenderloin medallions with a holindase sauce served with Broccoli and a salad. I heard several comments on how good the food was.

After dinner the couple had their first dance to Silver Bells. It was a waltz that was pre-choreographed. After that they asked all married couples to join them on the floor for an anniversary dance.

This was followed by dancing and visiting. The guest all seemed to have a great time. The couple cut the cake and shortly after all were served and a thank you was given they were off.

We sent them off with bubbles. The couple was followed by the photographer and they wend downtown to take a photo of them in front of the capital building. Stunning photo.

The photographer was Bill Bastas and he did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed working with him.

Congratulations to Trey and Terri.

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