Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Escort Cards and displays.

There is always a question if you need escort cards if you are having a buffet or other casual reception meal. My personal preference is yes you do need them. Traditionally with a plated meal the escort card comes in handy so that the wait staff can quickly and efficiently deliver food to your guests. In my experience guest don't mind being told where to sit. For something casual you might not want to assign seats but I do recommend assigning them to a table. So once you know this is something you want to do how do you let people know where to sit? You have to place escort cards out in one location (preferable set out alphabetically) where they can easily grab theirs during the cocktail hour or as they are walking into the reception. I am including several photos here of possibly options. Traditional to casual to unique. Some are from my past weddings and some are just things I have collected from other peoples weddings. Enjoy.
This particular couple went with traditional tent fold cards with the guest name over the table number. The colors of card stock fit into their color scheme, but also represented what that guest had requested for food.
This couple also used the tent fold cards. they tied theirs to a black rot iron gate that was rented. The cards were run through a printer to put the guests names and table number on them, but then a stamp was used to add a little color. I will say it took guest some time to find their names on this one because rows were not possible because of the shape of the gate.
This is a fun idea for a wedding with a beach theme or on the water. Just be sure to have a few extra sand dollars available the day of and the pen in case some break in transport. I have seen this like this with just the guest name on one side and the table number is on the back or or is tied on with a small ribbon. A container with sand is an easy way to hold these.
This Chandelier style display is made using vases twigs and crystal strands. The cards are tied or hooked to the stands and the twigs. Guest do have to do a little hunting on these as well, but if its on the center of a round table they can get all the way around it to look.
Hand made with smooth river stones. This again is for a particular feel of wedding. the table numbers are not on these but could be added to the back or under the name. This is fairly casual with no last names. I think you would want to make sure last names were included to keep from any confusion. This display can be altered and changed to fit your style. Vases can be filled with colored sand to incorporate your color and more cards can be place in the vases. This particular couple did a couple of different trays to cover the alphabet and placed them a few feet apart to allow guest ease to them and to keep from guest crowding. The advantage is the vases can be reused later in your home, or even to hold bridesmaids bouquets once the guest have taken their names.

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