Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eco Friendly Wedding

I am all about saving resources and using them wisley. At the same time we know that alot if the choices we have in doing so can be a little costly. So what are some ways we can made sure to be eco friendly at your wedding? I have gathered tips from all over. If I know the source its cited. If its something that I have just heard along the way and picked up I can't cite a source so if you know where the source came from add it. Thanks
From Better Homes and Gardens:
1.Set the tone: For outdoor weddings use a location that is filled with natural beauty that will not need lots of extra items brought in to make it pretty. Inside weddings choose something like a museum where your deposit goes to a worth cause as well.
2. Choose an eco freindly jewler. Ask where the diamonds come from. Many jewlers now are also using recycled gold for the settings.
3.Local Vendors: By sticking to local vendors your keep travel down and thus the eco blueprint. Also boost local economy. Ask if your vendors are making eco smart choices (Like for me I don't print every paper I get. I also use the backs of preciously printed on forms for things that do need to be printed. I set up as many meetings in one location in one day as possible. Keeps fuel limited and costs down for all. Also I collect and save items from weddings that can be reused in another wedding like vases etc so that brides don't have to buy more and have excess laying around).
From Various Locations
4. Rent items or look into brideshares that allow you to purchase only one set of something and share with another (split the cost). Rentals keeps from making the same item over and over. Also rented plates are cleaned and returned where plastic plates or paper plates while they seem cheaper generate a lot of waste.
5. Limit the guest list. Less paper going out (invitations) less waste. Smaller venue so less energy used.
6.Use recycled paper wherever possible for wedding invitations; most companies can offer this option. Also consider treeless paper made from materials such as bamboo, hemp and kenaf. Even the type of ink used for the invitation should be taken into account as some inks can be toxic.
7.Weddings can generate a huge amount of paper consumption, so give careful thought to items that can be reduced. For example, instead of a program for everyone, perhaps one per couple or group.
8. Instead of having everyone drive from their hotels/motels or wherever they are staying to the wedding or reception venue, perhaps organize a car pool or hire vans to transport everyone to and from your wedding venue. A great deal of fuel can be saved this way, not to mention it will help ensure those who have imbibed in the spirit of the occasion a little too much will get back to their accommodation safely.
9.Everyone likes a photographic record of a marriage ceremony, so instead of sending out hundreds of paper based photographs, save on postage, processing and toxic chemicals by storing digital images on your wedding blog for family and friends to download as they please; printing out only what's absolutely necessary.

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