Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Fiesta

Well its that time of year. My kids birthday party. I love planning kids birthday parties and being able to plan one for my kids personally is so much fun. A few months back we all agreed on a Birthday Fiesta. It gets a little harder every year to plan a party that both the kids can get into. Isaiah is now 8 and all boy and Christina is 6 and a total girly girl. So here are the details.

First the invitations: I bought plain bright colored invitations that were blank. On the outside I stamped them with a stamp that said Fiesta with Maraca's and a Sombrero. On the inside I had a stamp that said your invited... and I filled in all the details. I didn't want to do much more for invitations because I was handing out over fifty invitations (thanks to the school rules that all kids in class are invited to parties).

The kids outfits: Thanks to my sister in law, Nery, my kids were in authentic Mexican clothes. They were made and purchased while she was in Mexico for her brothers wedding. The kids loved them.

The Cake: My mom and my sister, Teresa, made the cake. I have always loved the cakes my mom does. They came up with a design that said Happy Birthday and had Maracas and a sombrero on it. They kept it bright and fun. It was perfect.

Decorations: Since the weather turned bad we did not have this at the park as planned but at the fellowship at the hall. I covered tables with plastic table cloths in red, green, and yellow. I made tissue paper flowers and bunched them together for centerpieces and used some as a garland across a couple of poles.

Food: I made a taco bar. Meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and flour tortillas. Also made some rice.

Activities: As kids arrived I had a table set up with crayons and markers. Each child was given a brown paper lunch sack and asked to put their name on it and decorate it. I then collected the bags and while everyone was eating had them filled with Peanuts an apple and some Mexican candy. I left room in the bags that they could add more candy into them. After they ate we played Hot Chili Pepper (just like hot potato). The kids had fun. We moved on from there to the Pinata where the kids got their goody bags to fill them back up with the candy. There is never a perfect way to make a pinata safe inside but with some brainstorming and help from my dad we all had a great time and no one or nothing was hurt. After that we ate cake and opened gifts. Everyone said their goodbyes and we cleaned up.

I was grateful to have Synda one of the youth from my church (she has also interned with me at a wedding) there to help with set up and clean up and anything in between. It was great to have someone there to do those things and keep me there to host and entertain. (Hint that's why you need to hire me to deal with all the details and you enjoy your kids party :-) ).
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