Friday, August 21, 2009

The Grooms Cake

The grooms cake is making its comeback. Due to budgets there was a time they were one of the items that were cut out. When they were there the traditional grooms cake was a simple chocolate sheet cake. No imagination. Lets face it brides, you have all the fun at the wedding, you get to pick from a wealth of pretty dresses. You get tons of pretty cakes to pick from. You pick the color of the flowers and the linens, and all the other fun details. All that to say let him eat cake.

Not just any cake mind you but one that fits who he is. Here are some ideas

A soccer ball for the soccer fan or player

A football for the football fan or player

what about the golf fan getting a golf bag and clubs

A running shoe for the runner.

Doctors bag for the physician

Computer for the techie

Law books for the lawyer

Car for the Mechanic

And like the photo in the blog a cigar box with real cigars for the cigar loving groom.

Their cakes should reflect who they are. Don't worry about it fitting in with the rest of the decorations or the feel of the wedding. Also don't fall into the trap that it has to be chocolate. Let it be a flavor he likes. If he does not like chocolate don't make him choose that. Your guest don't have to have chocolate cake at your wedding. ( thanks Carli for the photo)

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